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Low Carb Success – Ideas to Help You Make Healthy “Low Carb” Choices

You may remember the Atkins diet Revolution a few years back and how it knocked Harry Potter off the top spot when the controversial book was released.  This was the start of the “Low Carb” diet as we know it and for many was a 2 week quick fix. The success of the Atkins diet […]

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Wholegrain Food

The purpose of this blog is to inform you why wholegrain foods are held in such high regard as a requirement in our diets. Wholegrain food include foods such as: – Brown Rice – Whole Wheat – Oatmeal – Whole Oats – Barley – Popcorn Wholegrain foods can be defined as: “Whole grains, or foods […]

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The Paleo Diet – Better than healthy eating!

There is an almost perfect race of human beings slimmer, stronger and faster than us. What’s more, cancer, diabetes, strokes, hypertension, depression and heart disease are absolute rarities to them. However they are long gone in general, and now the average human is overweight, depressed and likely to develop a serious medical complication in their […]

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