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The benefits of massage – not just a luxury, but a necessity

As a massage therapist myself, the most rewarding time during my treatment is at the end when I see my client 100% relaxed and half asleep. Occasionally they will murmur something out of politeness, but for me just their reaction is mission accomplished for me. The majority of us work 9-5, throw in an hour […]

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Heavy legs!

I have had a couple spells recently of having really heavy legs…they literally feel like lead weights.  I can’t work out the reason for this. I have been cycling a lot in training for an event, but since this isn’t weight bearing, I didn’t think it would be the cause. If anything I’ve been running […]

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Muscular injuries, poor sitting and standing posture, structural imbalances, improper body biomechanics, poor nutrition and emotional stress can lead to trigger points developing, commonly called muscle knots. Trigger points are hypersensitive spots located in taut bands of muscle. Besides producing pain locally and/or in a referred pattern, they also decrease range monition in the affected […]

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