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Hannah Yerby – Work Experience

Back in September, my school told me I was to find a work experience placement for March. Being as disorganised as I am, I forgot about it and didn’t find a placement, leaving the school to do all the hard work for me. I got a slip of paper telling me I was to do […]

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Coaching | Training

My Work Experience Blog – Louis Price

My overall work experience has been great and I’d like to thank all the motive8 team for making it such a great experience by helping me, giving me advice and just being friendly. My 2 weeks have been great an I’ve learnt loads of new skills and acquired loads of new coaching knowledge. Every session […]

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Party Time for motive8’s Work Experience, James Manson

When I looked at my weekly rota I saw a party, so straight away I thought of little party games and hats with a room covered in balloons.  Well I can safely say after Thursdays motive8 children’s party my idea has changed. A week in advance Shawn called me into a party brief, I thought […]

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