Posted on October 23, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Despite more and more of us taking to the roads on bikes in recent years, only 4% of people rode their bike every day in the UK in 2016. The vast majority of us travel to work via other forms of transport, such as cars or public buses and trains.

The largest part of our working day consists of being sat down. Whether it’s sitting at our desks, in meeting rooms or sitting on a journey home, you can get stuck in this same routine – and sometimes it’s hard to make a change.

We all know it can be tough to make the first step – getting the bike out is always hard come winter – when it’s dark and cold. But by making the switch to cycling to work, it can have a number of positive impacts on you and others.

We take a look at a number of reasons why you should ditch your car, or your preferred choice of public transport, and cycle to work. Take a look!

5 reasons to cycle to work

It makes you feel happier

Cycling to work makes you happier. Honestly, it does! On your routine commute to work, you wouldn’t go as far as claiming you enjoy sitting in traffic or riding a crowded train, would you?

Getting your bike out and feeling the fresh air hit you on the way to the office will transform your commuting experience. A cycle ride to work can relax and energize your body so you’re ready for the workday ahead. It gives you that boost you wouldn’t get on other forms of transport.

Your fitness will improve

One of the more obvious benefits to cycling to work is that it improves your fitness. Cycling is an aerobic activity, meaning your heart and lungs get a workout – and one you wouldn’t get sitting on a train or a bus! Over time, as you cycle more frequently, your blood pressure and resting heart rate will reduce as a result.

Cycling also builds muscle, especially in the glutes, calf and quad muscles. By also standing up frequently on your ride, your cycle to work will give your arms and shoulders a workout as well.

You will be eco-friendly

One excellent benefit of cycling to work is that cycling produces zero pollution to the environment. Considering the number of cars on the roads, with some people opting to jump in their cars for even the shortest of journeys, it makes sense to get on your bike to do your bit for the planet!

It’s cost-effective

Travelling by car can be very expensive, with the price of petrol continuing to rise. The same can be said about public transport too, with the cost of trains and buses forever rocketing.

The only cost of cycling to work is the upfront cost of the bike, and you don’t necessarily need the latest high-tech version. Maintaining a bike doesn’t have to cost too much either, and not all helmets, safety lights and clothes are expensive.

Schemes such as Cycle to Work will also help you save money when buying or upgrading your bike. It really is clear to see what method of transport to use on the way to work when you compare the costs!

It’s a lot more fun!

Commuting most of the time is treated as a loathsome activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Cycling to work will mean no more traffic jams, road works, or cramped tubes. Getting on your bike makes that early morning commute much more enjoyable.

Cycling gives you the freedom to go whichever way you fancy. If you want to take the scenic route to work, all you have to do is get up a little earlier or pedal a little harder!

By Charlie Casey