Posted on March 19, 2019 by Josh Puttock

The use of massage in training and recovery can be extremely beneficial. Not only does massage relax and unwind the mind, but it also brings a long list of physical benefits that over time can have a hugely positive influence on your training regime.


Mental benefits

While a massage is clearly a physical treatment, it can be easy to overlook what it can do for your mental outlook and general wellbeing. It is often when we find the time to switch off, relax and practice meditation. Mindfulness can be much harder for some to achieve than others, and many people find that getting a massage is an easier way of achieving a neutral state of mind. Mostly importantly, a massage encourages relaxation, which in turn combats anxiety, depression and a whole host of other stress-related mindsets.

Incorporating a massage into your workout schedule and taking some time out will allow you to block out the negative thoughts and boost motivation, and when done on a semi-regular basis, you will find yourself leaving the massage room feeling refreshed, capable and ready to take on your next training session with an open mind.


Physical benefits


When it comes to any sport, regardless of how intense the activity is, flexibility can always improve and benefit performance. It is one of the most important aspects of training, and one that is often overlooked. Massages target areas of muscle that are particularly tense, usually around joints and the back. After a workout, we all know what it feels like when the lactic acid kicks in, causing muscle fatigue and soreness. Regularly getting a sports massage will allow your muscles to relax post-workout, and you will find over time that your flexibility begins to improve as your body becomes suppler.

Pain reduction

If you’re not allowing your body ample time to repair tissues broken down by exercise, you will experience soreness and muscle fatigue on a regular basis. Massages work to release muscle tension which in turn releases endorphins and influences our pain receptors. By improving pain management through massage, you will rid your workout schedule of muscle ache, making you feel that much fitter for the next session.


In the context of injury recovery, a sports massage is one of the best remedies to use. Whether it be physical or mental trauma, massage is proven to quickly improve aliments. All the benefits we have mentioned above can be pulled together to showcase why massages are vital for recovery.


Other treatments to try

There are a number of other facilities that can be used alongside massage treatment, which in their own individual way can benefit your exercise regime.


A sauna is a great post-workout tool. It increases circulation, which essentially means your blood vessels widen and are transported around the body more freely. This ensures that the blood is making its way to the sore parts of the body and helping promote repair and recovery. Saunas are also effective at flushing toxins away, because sweating allows the harmful toxins and elements absorbed in our everyday lives to be removed.

Swimming pools

Swimming is a fantastic sport for working a host of different muscles at the same time. It improves our body strength and cardiovascular endurance while directly benefiting our heart and lungs through breathing exercises. Using a pool is another great way to come back from an injury. When we swim, the water provides low impact therapy which can improve bone and muscle problems.



We hope we have convinced you that sports massage offers a huge number of benefits. If you’ve not tried one yet, many of our spa & fitness facilities offer massages and we can highly recommend them!