Posted on December 08, 2017 by Louisa Feary

Christmas Circuit Workout

Over the holiday season with office parties, family gatherings and gift wrapping, it can often feel like there is a shortage of time in the day. Unfortunately, the one task that frequently gets pushed to the bottom of the pile and neglected is a workout, leaving you feeling sluggish going into the New Year.

To help you out we’ve got a short body blitz workout that just needs one set of dumbbells. If you don’t have these you can use two cans or water bottles- use whatever household items you have to hand (just nothing fizzy!)

This workout is designed to work you out from head to toe, maximising your time whilst still getting your heart rate up. You don’t even need much space either so you can sneak off whilst everyone is having an extra mince pie!

2 Sets of these 5 Exercises

DB Squats – 1 min work

When performing this movement concentrate on maintaining your weight through your heels and squeezing at the top of the move. You can either hold your dumbbells by your side, across your chest or as a shoulder press above your head.
30 sec rest

•DB Bicep Curls – 1 min

Keep the tension in your biceps and resist the temptation to swing into the movement and control the motion throughout the rep.
30 sec rest

•DB Shoulder Press – 1 min

Try and keep your arms from going below a right angle at the bottom of the movement. Extend all the way up with your arms moving simultaneously.
30 sec rest

•DB Alternate Leg Lunges – 1 min

Perform these as reverse lunges and aim to hit a deep right angle with every lunge. Keep a tight core and chest facing forward, not to the floor.
30 sec rest

•DB Bend Over Rows – 1 min

Keep your back straight and core tight with these to avoid placing strain on the wrong muscles.

Breathe – set one is complete!

1.30sec – 2mins Rest. REPEAT SET!

1 min Rest

The finisher…

Plank holds to failure!