Posted on May 23, 2016 by Jasmine Shaddock

Student gyms continue to grow in popularity as more university accommodation is being built.

Although they are always a highlight and huge selling point to student living, student gyms can sometimes be a little small. Here are our top tips for designing a winning gym for university students:

Mix it up

There are so many different users in a student gym, so it’s important to reflect this in the equipment provided.

Make sure to have a good mix of cardio, resistance, mats and weights for a wide variety of exercises. This will not only make a great gym for all students, but there will be fewer queues of people waiting for one particular set of machines.


Student Gym at Great Suffolk Street, London

On the walls

It is always important to keep the gym floor as clear as possible, regardless of the amount of space. Putting more on the walls instead of in cupboards is a great way to maximise gym floor space, keep equipment accessible, and maintain a clutter-free workout area.

There are lots of wall storage systems available that offer racks and hooks for equipment like mats, dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls and more. And of course, ropes and boxing bags provide both a great fitness tool and an ideal way to store gym equipment – they’re attached to the ceiling.

Qwall storage_01

One of the many storage solutions available in the Queenax range.

One machine fits all

There are so many great pieces of equipment available that can be used for multiple workouts. You may want to invest in a machine for lap pull-downs that converts into a low row, or perhaps a TRX system, or even simpler, with bars on the wall.

The great advantages of providing equipment for multiple workouts and a more versatile gym is the extra space gained whilst not losing out variety.

Wedgwood House gym

A Dual Adjustable Pulley offers over 200 exercises in a very small footprint – great for smaller student gyms.

Design tips

There are smaller tweaks that make all the difference when maximising for space.

Hanging the gym door so that it opens out rather than into the gym is a really great way of saving that precious extra few feet of space.

Cupboards or store cupboards should be emptied and incorporated with the rest of the gym. Anything that is stored could potentially be hung on the wall, disposed of, or perhaps stored else where for items like cleaning equipment.


Technogym’s ARKE is a great solution for storing smaller functional and studio accessories.

If you would like to know more about student gym design, contact us for a consultation.