Posted on September 18, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Playing team sports is how most of us were first introduced to exercise when growing up, but why do the majority of us now opt to remain individual in our workouts?

Commitment is one of the main reasons, with time and travel proving large obstacles. Rather than playing the team sports we grew up with, such as hockey, football and netball, we tend to prefer our independent workouts.

Joining gyms, going for runs and other forms are by no means bad – but it’s worth remembering what team sports have to offer too. Here are five benefits that playing a team sport can bring to you.

Five benefits of playing a team sport

1) Developing social skills

One benefit of playing a team sport is that it’s a great way to develop your social interaction. As you are on a team, you’ll have to engage with others and get along and work together with teammates – potentially ones that you wouldn’t normally interact with. This can lead to you making new friends along the way.

2) Stress relief

Exercise in general is an excellent way of relieving stress, however team sports are an even more effective way of doing so. The benefits of social engagement will leave you naturally feeling less stressed, alongside pumping up a sweat and releasing endorphins.

3) Developing communication skills

Playing a team sport puts you in certain situations where you’ll need to communicate with teammates and coaches who aren’t necessarily your friends. This enables you to develop your communication skills by becoming more sociable in different environments, with a range of individuals.

4) Goal setting

Another benefit of playing a team sport is that it creates the motion of working towards a shared goal. By everyone pulling together collectively, working towards a unified target will increase the likelihood of achieving such goal.

5) It’s fun!

Working together with a team and playing a sport you enjoy can be great fun, inevitably bringing you happiness in some capacity. By playing a team sport rather than your standard individual workout, you are open to new scenery and external challenges. It‘s a new and an exciting opportunity where you can really surprise yourself!

By Charlie Casey