Posted on October 31, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Winter is officially on its way – the clocks have gone back, there’s less and less daylight by the day and the temperature continues to drop. All in all, this doesn’t always help when it comes to training.

A combination of the above factors can make working out and sticking to a plan difficult, as motivation can drop pretty quickly. Some people may opt for a dull gym session to combat the darkness and cold weather, other might stay at home.

The winter conditions shouldn’t stop you having a fun workout though, and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from training as a whole. We look at five exciting indoor workouts that’ll keep your plan fun and effective.

5 Indoor Gym Workouts

Indoor rock climbing

When you think of rock climbing, you might consider it a leisure activity – but it really is a great workout. By scaling walls and hauling the body upwards, it’s an excellent full-body workout working arms, shoulders, legs and back.

It also increases heart rate, which is always important! And to make it even better, you also get that feeling of accomplishment once you’ve reached the top. What more could you want?


Boxing has come along way in recent years and isn’t just for the ring. More and more people box for fitness nowadays as it’s an excellent physical workout, increasing heart rate incorporating the full body. It causes you to engage multiple muscle groups – especially your arms and upper body.

Just one hour of boxing can be significantly more beneficial as a workout than going for a short run or a routine gym workout. When you add in some cardio movements – such as squats – it can offer an even better all-body workout, burning anywhere from 700-1500 calories per hour!

Spin class

As much as you may love getting your bike out and feeling the fresh air hit you as you cycle though the park, it can get just too cold in the winter months. So, what’s a good alternative? Spin classes.

Spin classes are excellent workouts where you can work as hard or as gentle as you like, burning hundreds of calories in the process. They strengthen your calves, quads and get your heart rate pumping. A great alternative to cycling for those who love a good ride! 


There are so many great benefits to trampolining, but it wasn’t until recently that people have begun to unleash their inner child on this latest fitness craze and use trampolining as a physical workout.

As well as being great fun, cardio movements on a trampoline are an excellent physical workout. Due to the low-impact cushioning, it looks after your joints much better than the hard surfaces might while running as well.


One excellent indoor workout, perfect for winter, is Pilates. Like spin classes, it is one where there are plenty of classes in your local gym, so the opportunity is always there. Pilates is excellent for flexibility and core strength.

A different workout to your routine run or cycle, Pilates offers a refreshing mind-body workout, giving you much more than just a physical workout. The advantage with is that you can modify each move depending on your individual ability, so everyone can get involved – no excuses!

By Charlie Casey