Posted on April 12, 2018 by Kate Gordon

TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is suspended training where one can use their own body weight against gravity to created resistance exercises. TRX training helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Try these six exercises on the TRX, and repeat each exercise three times with 12-15 repetitions.

Squat – Fly

Stand in front of the TRX, legs hip with apart or wider, grab the handles, squat down and allow the TRX to take your weight. Drive up spreading your arms away from your body, in this position you should be in a T-shape. This movement hits your rear delts making this a full body move.

Low Row

For this exercise you need to be under the TRX grabbing the handles; hold them to your chest, step forward towards the TRX, and lean back until you are at a 45 degree angle – let your body hang under the TRX once in this position (with arms extended). Raise your body and draw your shoulders back, focus on working your lats. This is a great shoulder and back exercise.

Triceps Press

Hold tight the TRX grips, lean forward as you do so, bend your arms so your fore arms come towards your head, (keep your body stiff/straight) hands should be next to the temple of your head. Extend them forcefully to straighten your arms, aka push forward forcefully so your hands are away from your head, engaging the triceps.


Standing with your back to the TRX place one foot in the stirrup. Drop into a lunge (by bending your knees), squeeze your glutes, and drive up your body by pressing into the leg that’s on the floor and raising your knee (the leg that is in the stirrup) to hip height. This is a great glute builder to improve running and posture.


In a press-up position, your feet in the stirrups, hands on the floor, core braced. Lower your body/chest to the ground, push into your hands and straighten your arms, keep your back straight – this is a great chest and core builder.

Hamstring curl

Position yourself under the TRX. Lying on your back, put both feet into each of the stirrups (make sure the handle is positioned in the middle of your foot) keep your legs slightly bent and hands at your side on the floor. Pull your feet towards your bum keeping your hips as high as possible. Building hamstring and core, push into your hands for stability.

Make sure you adjust the TRX’s length so it’s comfortable for you and you are able to do the exercises safely.

By Cherone Rutlidge, Fulham Reach