Posted on October 04, 2017 by Kim Mead

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients to the body, such as iron, calcium and vitamin C etc. The human body needs vitamins in relatively small amounts to function correctly.

Most people don’t need to take vitamin supplements, as they’re able to satisfy their body with nutrients from a well-balanced diet. However, people who simply don’t have the time to eat healthy can find vitamin supplements very useful.

Having said that, taking too many or too few vitamin supplements can become harmful and expose the body to different types of deficiencies. Following consumption guidelines is key!

Throughout the years, research has found that the consumption of vitamin supplements can have a negative effect on the body’s immune system. So it’s not just that taking lots of one thing is not good for you, it’s that it may cause a dangerous reduction in something else even if you are also supplementing that.

Research has shown:
1. 1 in 3 people in Britain consume vitamin or mineral pills
2. Vitamin A deficiency hugely increases the risk of blindness
3. Excess zinc is linked to reduced immune function
4. People who take calcium supplements were at a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease

If you are unsure about any vitamin supplements your best option is to question your GP.

Monika Smiechowska, Gym & Spa Operative, Beaufort Park