Posted on August 30, 2017 by Kim Mead

For those of you lucky enough to enjoy weekends off work, they are the perfect opportunity to get some exercise in a fun and different way.

During the summer months, make the most of the (hopefully) improved weather. Head outside! Whether it is as simple as taking the kids down the park with a ball, going on a bike ride or organising a family and friends rounders game, there are so many options which won’t cost a penny.

Research where your nearest park tennis courts are these are usually free to use. You can head to the coast for a beach activity day or have a look for some hiking routes if you fancy something different.

Of course there are paid activities which can be great fun and exercise. Look into some of the below and see if any sound appealing to you…
• Paintballing – great fun but be prepared for some bruises!
• Go Ape Centres
• Kayaking
• Surfing lessons
• Rock climbing centres

Remember many events such as Tough Mudder, sponsored runs/walks, marathons, triathlons etc all take place at weekends. These sorts of things obviously require some extensive training beforehand but if you want to raise money for charity while exercising have a look into something similar.