Posted on April 12, 2018 by Kim Mead

The focus of this workout is to get those legs working. It is based around supersets and overloading the muscles with extra work to stimulate those muscle fibres. Be sure to cool down and stretch at the end of the session to reduce the muscle soreness over the next day or two.

Warm Up:

• 5 Minutes on the cross trainer
• Bodyweight squats 3 sets of 15. 1 minute rest between each set

Main Workout:

• Leg press/Walking lunges – This is a superset so after completing the leg press go straight into walking lunges. You should be aiming to get 12-15 reps on the leg press with the last few being a struggle. From here go straight into walking lunges. Do these to failure. You can perform these holding dumbbells to increase the difficulty level. Rest time should be 1.5-2 minutes and this should be for 3 sets.
• Leg extension/Leg curl – another superset working the quadriceps and hamstrings alternatively. Aim for 12-15 reps on each exercise. Again stick to the same rest time but this time aim for4 sets.
• Bulgarian split squat – Put one foot up on a bench and one foot flat on the floor directly under you. Perform a single legged squat keeping your back foot on the bench. Ensure you keep your chest up and your head in a neutral position. The idea is to hold dumbbells or have a barbell on your back for added weight but make sure you can do this movement correctly without them first. Aim for 10-12 reps on one leg before switching. Rest for 1 minute and go back to the first leg. Do this for 3 sets on each leg.
• Weighted calf raises – Can be either seated or standing depending on availability at your gym. Hit 15 reps for 4 sets to finish your session. Keep the rest time to a minimum of 1 minute between sets.

Cool Down:

• Spend a few minutes on the stationary bike. This should be at a leisurely pace on a comfortable difficulty setting. Follow this with 10 minutes of thorough stretching. You should be holding each stretch for 20+ seconds and ensuring each muscle is stretched.