Posted on September 28, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Ordinary gym workouts can often feel dull, repetitive and not give you the motivation needed to reach your goals. Circuit training is an alternative training method and can be an exciting alternative to your normal workout.

Circuit training is a training method where participants move around a number of different workout stations performing a range of exercises for a short period of time, with minimum rest until the circuit is completed.

Circuit training perks

You can tailor it

The exciting thing about circuit training is the adaptability – you can alter your workout stations to suit you. Whether you want to focus on strength, mobility, a specific sport or any other activity, you can!

Circuit training can be designed by you to suit your own personal needs. It requires as much time and space as you desire, and can be a brilliant social exercise experience.

It’s easy to set up

Circuit training is very practical, with each workout station simple to set up without much equipment required. You can use kettlebells, exercise balls, weights and whatever other equipment you can get hold of.

In many cases however, you don’t even require equipment to get your training going. By using exercises that use your own body weight – such as press-ups, lunges and planks – it can be even simpler.

The physical benefits

Since you only have small rest periods between reps and station changes, this enables you to maximize both strength training and cardio in a single workout.

Also, by switching between intervals of weight training and cardio, with only short rests in between, you activate your metabolism to burn calories in just the one circuit training session.

You can have fun!

One of the appealing benefits of circuit training is that it’s fun and engaging. It’s difficult to become bored and lose motivation when you’re constantly moving from one exercise to another, especially when each individual station involves an entirely new workout. This therefore makes it much easier to stay focused.

Often gyms will put on circuit training classes for you to sign up to. This can turn your workout into a social opportunity with the chance to meet new likeminded individuals in a new environment, rather than your routine independent workouts.

It’s great for beginners

Circuit training is accessible to most people and can be a great place for gym newbies to start. As there are no surprises with circuit training, beginners know exactly what to expect.

With each step all planned out, all you have to do is follow along at your own individual level. No more worrying over creating a workout or deciding what machines to use!

By Charlie Casey