Posted on June 29, 2018 by Josh Puttock

Exercising in the morning isn’t the easiest, and it can take a few weeks to get used to – especially if you love a long lie-in and easier start to the day.

But it’s not all about dark mornings and early alarms, as the reasons for starting early are positive and, for many people, far outway the negatives that come with it.

Early workouts – whether that’s gym sessions, running, bike rides or something else – can be very beneficial to your lifestyle, routine and productivity.

Avoid the rush

No matter what gym you go to, you will always get the morning, lunchtime and after work rush. So, when is the best time for you to actually go?

I’m guessing you’ve heard of ‘the early bird catches the worm’, right? By working out in the morning, you are likely to miss the dreaded chaos that ensues during peak hours.

So, casually stroll over to a near-empty weights room in the morning or take to the quieter city streets for a run in the morning and avoid the rush.

Get going early

Sometimes, when you exercise or go to the gym after work it can be difficult to sleep that night. It’s pretty annoying and, when you’ve just pushed your body hard, the last thing you want.

This happens because exercise puts your brain into boosting power mode. Exercise has been proven to increase mental focus for up to ten hours post-workout.

Working out in the morning allows you to make good use of those ten hours, rather than going after work and allowing your brain to race on all evening – delaying sleep and leading to a grumpy you the following day.

Other benefits

So, we’ve been through a few of the key reasons to working out early in the day. There really are plenty though – see below.

  • Morning workouts will increase the body’s metabolism, helping to burn calories throughout the day.
  • Early trips to the gym help to reduce food intake and cravings throughout the day. It sets you up to be healthy and makes you really think about what you are eating and drinking during the day.
  • Exercise releases feel-good compounds like endorphins, which improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day.
  • It helps you to develop strong self-discipline, and this can carry through to other parts of your life too.

Last tip

Last but not least, here’s a crucial tip to help you get up for an early morning workout. We have thought about it and, well, this could be key to your morning routine…

Set your alarm and place it far away from your bed! It may sound silly but, even if you think you don’t need to do it, it will prevent you from quickly switching it off in the morning.

Getting up to deal with it should wake you up and once you’re up, you’re up, right? Good luck, and hopefully this will spruce up your future training schedule!

By Rea Harris