Corporate Wellbeing Gets Employees' Hearts Racing

Chiswick, London

Chiswick Honda came on board as a corporate training client with motive8 back in 2003. Our personal training services were offered as an incentive and reward initiative to key sales staff at the large dealership based in Chiswick, West London. Things rapidly progressed and a space originally used as a meeting room was converted into a small, but fully functional onsite gym.

motive8 designed the gym so as to make the very best of a small space, installing adequate equipment for a full body workout specifically geared towards 1-2-1 training. motive8’s training team was subsequently on hand to deliver personal training and sports therapy sessions to meet with the employees’ hectic schedules.

Being able to exercise onsite was of great benefit to the staff, who previously struggled to even take proper lunch breaks. The commitment of meeting a trainer and taking time out of their day to exercise proved to be a huge success, showing both physical and psychological benefits.

This is a great example of maximising the use of a small space in a way that benefits employees’ quality of life both inside and outside of their work place. A meeting room that was rarely occupied became a positive place for staff to spend time and de-stress, also leading to staff building a close relationship with the motive8 training team over the past 8 years.

“It’s easy not to leave your desk for 8 to 10 hours when you’re busy working in the office. The furthest I might walk some days is to get a cup of coffee or two…. and that’s with travelling to and from work in the car.

I feel more awake and productive after a session, am now at my target weight and am even training for a half marathon!”
Scott Matthews, Honda Employee and motive8 Training Client.