Engineers get the motive8 corporate treatment


CTG is a leading design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products and systems for the aerospace industry. In 2013 as part of their new office development motive8 designed and installed an onsite gym facility.
As part of the ongoing wellbeing provision at CTG motive8 have also been retained to provide staffing for 9 hours per week which gives face to face contact time for the staff to access the following services:

Gym Inductions – all new gym users complete this process and are shown the functions of the equipment in the gym and health and safety aspects for this area of the building
Training and Nutrition Advice is on hand for the members of the gym, all they need to do is drop in to speak to the staff member on site to have a programme worked out for their goals
Weekly Fitness Class – there is a weekly fitness class on offer for the gym members providing an hours for engagement with the trainer and colleagues
Gym Challenges are also promoted to engage users with exercises that generate healthy competition within the workplace which helps members engage with colleagues that they might not associate with during the normal workplace environment
Open Days are another area that we support with, at specified time during the year we promote the gym and run an open day for staff to take a look at the space and meet the trainer to discuss training and sign up as a member

As part of our contract, motive8 manages the membership payments for the contractors who wish to become gym members through an online booking system, which is a popular way to manage staff who work varied length contracts with a company. Direct employees of the company have the membership deducted from their salaries.

As part of the wellbeing provision motive8 manages the onsite staff and coordinates any holiday and sickness cover. motive8 also maintains the gym equipment.

One of the most important aspects of delivery for our client is having a consistent member of staff on site in order to deliver the service, so it is important that we centre our recruitment and support towards employing the right fitness professional who will engage with the CTG team and remain committed to their role.

Matt Varney has been working at CTG for the past few years.

Below are a few examples of what Matt achieves with the employees.

  • One of the female staff members, Claire, had a goal of being able to do one full body pull up. I have been working with her every Thursday afternoon to help her reach her goal. I have taught her correct technique on deadlifts and helped her get a 40kg bench press. She has become very strong and lean and her upper body strength is improving all the time. She hits the gym 4 times a week so the pull up will come sooner then she thinks!
  • I also join a session each Thursday with two male employees Derek and Lee. We usually do a chest or back workout and take it in turns to come up with the plan. So each week they go away having learnt training protocols like German volume and FST7.
  • At lunchtimes I meet up with clients who want new programs and we sit down and go over goals and time frames. One of the biggest fitness results I have experienced is with contractor Ade.
    Ade has been on a health kick and I have reviewed nutrition with him. He now brings in his own food to work from home. Lots of veg, chicken and rice. I taught him that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring and flavours can be added to give it the taste you desire. He has this last week reached a weight loss of 1 stone. Super proud of him right now and he is following the 3 day program I wrote him and also goes cycling and swimming at the weekends.

“I spoke to Matt about a new program. He was very helpful and the program Matt created for me was great. He spent time talking through the program and gave me a follow up review in the gym showing me all of the machines to use, he was very helpful.” Ade Gardiner. O.C.S