Dixons Carphone calls on motive8's health expertise


motive8 was invited as a client to support Dixons Carphone’s health orientated day, following on from a gym refurb project we completed in 2016. Dixons Carphone have been aware of what motive8 provides in terms of the design and fit out of gym spaces for some time.

As part of the corporate wellness initiative that Dixons Carphone were putting on for their employees, we were asked to provide fitness classes, yoga and a nutritional talk in a bid to inspire their staff to improve their fitness, health and overall wellbeing.

The day itself was great, and we were able to set up in the communal area of the office. There was high traffic and, with such an open-plan office, it was easy to blend in to what was an already busy area. So, this meant we were involved right from the off.

motive8 provided a Tanita Scale for the day, which was very popular with the employees as lots of people were keen to step on the scales and take away a printout of their body composition data. It was great to be on hand to explain to people what the readings meant, and to explain the readings in comparison to normative data.

For the planned activities, we kicked the morning off with a talk from Rosie Millen – also known as Miss Nutritionist – who is our nutrition expert and a burnout coach and speaker. Rosie helps people positively transform their energy and become aware of the signs of burnout.

Speaking from personal experience, Rosie is able to capture an audience with honest and relatable stories. She provided attendees with information about simple nutritious meals they could create at home, and tips on how to get the best from managing their working day.

Following the nutritional talk, we delivered two 30-minute lunchtime fitness classes. The classes were structured to be ideal for employees looking for their exercise fix; high intensity, circuit style sessions. Even though the classes were tough, the effort from everyone was just what we were looking for!

Feedback was positive after our sessions and I’m sure – after their showers – everyone went back to work feeling refreshed for the afternoon. The last activity after this, provided by motive8, was the Yoga sessions. These offered something really different to the staff.

The weather was good, so Dixons Carphone were swayed to use the outdoor terrace for these sessions. The yoga was delivered by Aniko Nagy, a well-versed practitioner. Aniko first took the employees who joined the sessions through a series of breathing exercises, which transformed seamlessly into an experience of basic yoga poses.

This was all an attempt to help staff switch off from their busy schedules and reconnect with their body in the moment. There was a little bit of a breeze, but the experience was enjoyed by the groups of participants, most of which hadn’t experience yoga before.

So far, so good. Everything we were involved in went really well, and we could see from the yoga sessions alone just how beneficial a 30-minute break can have on an employee’s wellbeing. Another activity available was a massage therapist, who provided head and neck massages all day.

There was also a talk from Jon Salmon, another interesting speaker, on mental wellbeing. He talked from a deep and personal perspective about his journey with mental health battles – a really inspiring story and an amazing person.

The day on the whole was a success, with lots of people across the business getting involved and benefitting from some time out.