There are much better things to put in a garage than cars!

Having bought their new home off plan, this home gym client was provided with the added scope to choose how they wished to use each space. One decision was to turn their double garage into a home gym. Having ascertained what the client wanted to achieve from the space, we set about designing a functional and design-led gym that would fulfill all their fitness requirements. We decided to split the room into two halves – one for cardio and floor work and the other for strength, resistance and free weights. We started by choosing the right flooring for each half – opting for a smart, wood effect plank for the cardio area and black rubber tiles for the rest.
Equipment-wise we supplied an Octane Fitness elliptical, a best of breed cross trainer. This was complemented by a Life Fitness G7 home cable machine with bench and a bespoke half rack, which was custom made to fit the room and colour-coded as per the client’s preference to match the rest of the equipment and decor. A set of 12-30kg dumbbells on a space-saving U-rack was also installed. Other smaller items included kettlebells, stretch mats, a BOSU, studio handweights, battle rope and a number of additional cable attachements. We also installed a mirror to enable correct form when lifting weights and supplied four LED ceiling lights so that the gym can be used 24 hours a day if needed!

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