Employees lose a combined 32 stone in just 12 weeks

Leeds, West Yorkshire

At the start of 2012 we installed a gym into some redundant space on the top floor of Lowell’s offices; the gym would be used by the 400 employees but to control usage it was decided that there would be a limit on maximum gym users at any one time using the facility.

To coincide with the launch of the gym, Lowell launched fitness classes such as Pilates and Boxercise(which were held in meeting rooms) and the Lowell Biggest Loser Competition. This was a 12-week wellbeing and nutritional programme designed to encourage a healthier, more active workplace with a prize awarded to the individual who lost the most weight in 12 weeks. However, we wanted to steer away from your typical weight loss group so each week a motive8 trainer would run a wellbeing class which was designed to educate people about what a healthy, balanced diet was and what they should be eating to sustain their weight loss in the long term, rather than drastically cutting calories or trying to live on lettuce leaves.

The key to the success of this programme was the education element – 16 people enrolled on to the plan and by the end of 12 weeks they had a combined weight loss of 32 stone; not only was this an amazing amount to lose but everyone reported feeling more energetic and productive, not only at work but in their home life too.

As the Lowell workforce (not their waistline) expanded, they needed to relocate and so in 2015 we assisted them in moving their gym to a new office park in Leeds. With some additional equipment for the team, the gym was installed to encourage their now 1,800-strong workforce to keep healthy and active.

The Lowell model for using the gym is straight forward, the board of directors recognise that employee wellbeing is an integral part of the company therefore the gym is provided free of charge for their employees to use. Once a week a member of the motive8 fitness team is on site to deliver inductions for new gym members and additional classes are held in the new onsite wellbeing room.

“Not only is the offer of a free gym a fantastic benefit for colleagues, and a true support for our team members, it’s also a partnership that I have benefited from hugely on a personal level.
My own ‘motive8 journey’ began at the same time they started working with Lowell – and they’ve helped me go from strength-to-strength. Over the past six years (wow) they’ve provided support, inspiration, preparation and motivation. I’ve worked with several different trainers over the years – they’ve all had individual styles but the quality, dedication and commitment has been consistently exceptional.

“The motive8 team have coached me from a standing start to a personal best 10k (and improving), my first marathon, being able to comfortably lift more than my own body weight and given me the confidence I needed to get back into a swimming pool – which paved the way for me signing up for my first half iron man later this year. But it’s not just about physical training, this is accompanied with nutritional advice, creative food ideas and recipes, and wider ideas to help create good habits and support a healthier lifestyle. And above all its fun!
Thanks to motive8 I am fitter, stronger and have more to give to work, friends and family .” Carol Ord, Head of Communications UK/Group Internal.