Garden Building Provides Perfect Year Round Workout Space

As a Director at motive8, Omar White was already familiar with what the motive8 gym design team can do. So upon renovating his house during the Summer of 2017, he decided to include a new gym in a bespoke built building at the bottom of his beautifully landscaped garden. Once the shell was in place, we began by installing a full height mirror to the rear wall, which not only helps in maintaining correct form when working out, but also adds a sense of light and space to the room. A specialist rubber flooring was also installed throughout to provide cushioning when using weights and also provide a clean, sleek look.
A keen gym goer and cyclist, Omar already owned a Wattbike, which we needed to ensure could remain in the new gym. This was complemented with a range of new strength equipment including a bespoke half rack, Olympic bar, weight plates and adjustable bench. A space-saving upright rack was also chosen to hold a set of 2-20kg dumbbells. With double French doors, the gym can with be kept cosy in the winter or opened up to provide an ‘inside meets outside’ workout space during warmer weather.

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