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A motive8 Gym Installation


Become an Apprentice with the motive8 Coaching Department

What is an Apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are a great way to get into the industry of your choice and motive8 is helping students to facilitate this decision. Gain your qualifications through us and gain a working understanding of the corporate world without being stuck in a classroom. This really is a fantastic path to develop your […]

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Gym & Spa News | Gym Design | Home Gyms | wellbeing

Home Spa Design

A private spa in your own home is the ultimate luxury, and has numerous health and wellbeing benefits. If you’ve decided you need this in your life and would like to install a spa, how do you go about it and what do you need to look out for when choosing a supplier? Firstly, you’re […]

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Student Gym Design

Watch the new motive8 student gym design video

At motive8 we believe that exercise can provide an essential balancing influence that will make a student’s life healthier, more enjoyable and, ultimately, more successful. And it seems property developers are embracing the same train of thought.

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Nutrition | Training | wellbeing

How to stay healthy at university

Let’s face it, being a student comes with the stereotype of being unhealthy and broke, but that’s just because people seem to think all students spend money on alcohol, take aways and microwaveable meals. If that is the case for you, let’s ditch the bad habits and jump on the healthy bandwagon this school year. […]

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Gym Design

A Day in the Life: Rob Clarke, motive8 Gym & Spa Consultant

Rob Clarke. is one of motive8’s Gym & Spa Consultants. He has been working in the industry for 13 years across Service Delivery, Operations and Health & Safety.

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Coaching | wellbeing

Why breakfast clubs are the ideal start to your child’s day

When rushing around in the morning, trying to get yourself and your kids ready can be struggle and sometimes breakfast gets put on a back burner. That’s why breakfast clubs were started to allow families with schedules that don’t fit with school timetables the chance to stay healthy and start their day right. Before school […]

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Head to the m8:life section of our website to sign up to our weekly fitness fix to get handy tips and foodie ideas……

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Training | workouts

Fitness Gadgets – What’s out there?

Fitness Gadgets There are so many fitness gadgets and apps in the market nowadays to keep track of your healthy nutritional needs. Take MY FITNESS PAL for example, a clever free app that keeps an eye on all the calories you consume, tracks macros and has a very accurate bank of shop bought products and […]

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Training | workouts

Pros and Cons of Technology & Exercise

Technology & Exercise Technology is becoming more and more a part of exercise. Some people are reliant on technology to train and get results. There are both pros and cons to using technology & exercise together as part of your fitness routine. PROS One of the main benefits of technology is the improved research into […]

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How to keep your body warm in winter

The arrival of low temperatures causes us to dust off our coats and prepare ourselves to spend a few months in the cold. And to avoid discomfort, it is essential to stay warm in winter at all times, especially while training outdoors. Steps to follow: Depending on which city you live in, the cold in […]

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Exercises | workouts

Bodyweight Training Exercises and Benefits

What are they? Bodyweight training is a very beneficial training method which simply involves using your own bodyweight in exercises. This is instead of using resistance via weights or gym equipment. There are numerous advantages to including bodyweight exercises in your average gym routine, regardless of what your specific goals are. Below are some reasons […]

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Nutrition | wellbeing

How to plan and prep

If you’re looking to perform an overhaul of your current eating habits, then the key is to plan and prep. If you do not plan how to change existing habits then the old saying will happen; “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. It may seem daunting if you don’t know where to start but here […]

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A great way to start the day- Porridge!

If you follow health conscious social media influencers, celebrity chefs or have read any health cook books recently you will see a couple of breakfast options that crop up time and time again. One is eggs, and the other is oats, such as porridge. Both can have the ability to fuel you for longer as […]

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How to kick start your New Year

“New Year, New You” The words you will hear floating around at the beginning of every January as millions of people set their New Year Resolutions. This is a great time to make sure your year gets off to a positive start and carries on in the same trend. An important reason why this is […]

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Training | wellbeing

Why rest days are important

Why Rest Days Are Important Rest days sound like a simple concept but for those that are into their training and enjoy hitting the gym, it can be harder than it sounds. Rest days can be complete days off from the gym or your training or lighter sessions aimed at promoting recovery. Reasons why they […]

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Coaching | company News | CSR

Feeding the homeless for Christmas

  On Saturday 23rd December the first Feed the Homeless project, which was created by our coaching supervisor, Adam Field, took place in Central London. The project that he decided to embark upon was a great success with 20 homeless people being fed that evening. Adam was supported by another member of the coaching team, […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym & Spa News

Motivating Employees After Christmas

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys going back to work after Christmas. It’s a long stretch until payday, it’s cold, and, to top the lot, there is Blue Monday, which is “officially” the most depressing day of the year. This is a time when employers need to focus on staff wellbeing and health. It’s the month […]

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company News | Gym & Spa News

Christmas Advent Success!

This year the Gym & Spa team, led by Head of Gym & Spa Nikki Spratley, held a fantastic Christmas advent event at 8 of our spa sites. With gorgeous wooden advent trees placed at the reception area in each site, one lucky gym-goer per day at different times was treated to a special gift […]

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Exercises | Training | wellbeing

Christmas Workout: why and how to workout over the holidays

Christmas Workout: This week’s health tips blog is looking at a Christmas workout and why it’s important to both keep your fitness going but give your body a chance to rest and recover. Christmas is not only a very important religious celebration and an important time to spend with family and loved ones, it’s also […]

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Equipment | Gym Design | Maintenance

Maintaining Your Gym Over the Christmas Period

The Christmas season is a period where the UK workforce slows down. It’s a time when businesses focus on employee motivation with Christmas drinks, parties, Secret Santas, and perhaps best of all, office closures. Even if a business is still open over this period, it’s a very relaxed and easy-going time. From a business perspective, […]

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Exercises | Home Gyms | Training | wellbeing

Keep motive8ed! How to Stay Fit Over Christmas

Christmas is a time of indulgence, and us Brits do like to indulge! Over 10 million turkeys are consumed over this period, as well as a staggering 300 million mince pies. In fact, on Christmas day alone we can consume over 6,000 calories. It’s not surprising that we’re concerned about how to stay fit over […]

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Exercises | workouts

When time is short: Christmas Circuit workout

Christmas Circuit Workout Over the holiday season with office parties, family gatherings and gift wrapping, it can often feel like there is a shortage of time in the day. Unfortunately, the one task that frequently gets pushed to the bottom of the pile and neglected is a workout, leaving you feeling sluggish going into the […]

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