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A motive8 Gym Installation

Gym Design | Residential Gym Design

All You Need To Know About BTR

When it comes to home ownership, times really have changed. No longer are people expecting to own a home as soon as they finish their studies, as a shortage of housing and the rising costs of buying are making it a near impossible job for many. This means that, while some still plan to buy, […]

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Training | workouts

Why You Should Exercise In The Morning

Exercising in the morning isn’t the easiest, and it can take a few weeks to get used to – especially if you love a long lie-in and easier start to the day. But it’s not all about dark mornings and early alarms, as the reasons for starting early are positive and, for many people, far […]

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Gym Design

A Day in the Life: Rachel Thomas, Office Administrator

Rachel Thomas joined the motive8 team having toured as a professional dancer, taught Zumba and worked for England Rugby. As the office administrator, she manages bookings for inductions at our unmanned gyms.

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We were at @yogashow recently, and thought it was great fun! See our highlights here:……

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Exercises | wellbeing

2018 London Om Yoga Show Highlights

1) MoreYoga The MoreYoga class with Tommy Hibbitts was an Ashtanga class with a little mix up. More Yoga’s philosophy is simply to make Yoga more accessible and affordable; they have 18 studios across London. Tommy has a fun, creative teaching style which was motivating and very enjoyable – I need to work on my ‘Bird […]

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Training | wellbeing

The Benefits Of Cycling To Work

Despite more and more of us taking to the roads on bikes in recent years, only 4% of people rode their bike every day in the UK in 2016. The vast majority of us travel to work via other forms of transport, such as cars or public buses and trains. The largest part of our […]

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company News | wellbeing

Dickens Yard Gym And Spa Team Takes On GO APE Battersea

My colleagues and I were rewarded by motive8 to a staff outing recently; a team building day with full freedom in terms of what to do. While other people might have chosen a dinner and few drinks, but we decided something more adventurous and more in line with our profession – GO APE. An obstacle […]

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Gym Design | Student Gym Design

Student Accommodation Gyms – Why They Matter

Students have more options than ever before when it comes to finding a place to live. As a result, student accommodation gyms have become a must-have feature of new student accommodation builds as well as a key consideration in refurbishments. 

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Exercises | Training

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) Workout Tips

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) is suspended training where you can use your own body weight against gravity to create resistance exercises. Originally created for the owner to get in a full-body workout whilst using as little equipment and space as possible, over the years TXR has evolved into classes and has changed workouts for people […]

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A Quick Guide To Healthy Office Snacks

It can be difficult keeping up your healthy lifestyle whilst at work. This is why it is important having healthy snacks available in the workplace, as you need to stay energised and focused when you need it most. Enjoying a light snack is the go-to action when wanting to keep your blood sugar levels up. […]

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Motivation | workouts

Oh My GOSH! To Brighton and Back

  Taking part in a London to Brighton bike ride had been on my endurance ‘bucket list’ for a long time – I was only waiting for a perfect moment! Doing it in June was out of the question; Ramadan would have just finished by then and the weather was too hot for my condition. […]

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Training | workouts

Why Circuit Training Is For You

Ordinary gym workouts can often feel dull, repetitive and not give you the motivation needed to reach your goals. Circuit training is an alternative training method and can be an exciting alternative to your normal workout. Circuit training is a training method where participants move around a number of different workout stations performing a range […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym Design

Hiring a Corporate Gym Consultant

There’s more to installing a gym than putting weights and treadmills in a room, especially when it comes to a corporate gym. It can be an invaluable space to help drive employee engagement, so making sure you get the build, design and installation right is crucial. If you’re thinking of installing a workplace gym, it’s important to get help and advice on the best solutions for your space.

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Gym Design | Student Gym Design

Gyms in Schools – Time to Rethink School Gym Design

How many times have you started a sentence with “In my day”? This is usually followed with something about how we had to be more responsible, walked to school instead of being driven or, more commonly, how we could play outside with friends whenever we wanted to. As adults, we realise that children today don’t […]

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Motivation | Training | workouts

Top 5 Benefits Of Playing A Team Sport

Playing team sports is how most of us were first introduced to exercise when growing up, but why do the majority of us now opt to remain individual in our workouts? Commitment is one of the main reasons, with time and travel proving large obstacles. Rather than playing the team sports we grew up with, […]

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Gym Design | Residential Gym Design | wellbeing

How Your Retirement Scheme Can Promote Healthy Living

Healthy living in old age involves physical, social and mental wellbeing. Including a well-planned gym in your retirement scheme can improve all three of these aspects. If you are the owner of a retirement scheme, read on for more information on why you should consider installing a gym.

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Motivation | Training

How To Stay Motivated When Training

If you feel like your training has lost momentum, try these five tips to help get your motivation back on track. Set goals This is the most common source of motivation for most individuals; setting yourself goals is one of the easiest ways of assessing your progress. If an individual is able to see progress […]

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Exercises | workouts

5 Great Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebells are widely used in the gym environment. From squats and presses to swings and snatches, kettlebells can be used for a variety of exercises and are extremely beneficial. They require a stricter form and more muscle recruitment than, for example, resistance machines or even dumbbells. Some of the well-researched benefits of using kettlebells include […]

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company News | Equipment | Exercises | Gym Design | Training

Out Now: m8:Life Magazine, Issue 9!

It’s that time of the year where we are able to announce another m8:Life magazine. Yes, issue 9 is out and we’re delighted to say it’s packed with a variety of great content from the world of motive8. From company news to health and workout tips, residential and corporate gym case studies, expert exercise advice, […]

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