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A motive8 Gym Installation

Nutrition | wellbeing

3 Reasons To Love Avocados

There are many reasons why you should love avocados, which is why I’m writing this blog. If you’re still unsure, or even if you’re a daily eater of them, take a look at my thoughts below – you really can’t beat them! The nutritional benefits A typical serving of avocado (100g) is either moderate or […]

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Exercises | workouts

5 Great Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebells are widely used in the gym environment. From squats and presses to swings and snatches, kettlebells can be used for a variety of exercises and are extremely beneficial. They require a stricter form and more muscle recruitment than, for example, resistance machines or even dumbbells. Some of the well-researched benefits of using kettlebells include […]

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10 Reasons to Hire A Personal Trainer

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they’ll get out of the experience or whether it’s worth the money.

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For motive8 Director Jenny Cromack, wild swimming in Yorkshire's Blue Lagoon takes the top spot for her favourite w……

2 days ago
Exercises | Training | workouts

Fitness challenge – Weighted Plank

This month’s challenge is the weighted plank – 10kg for females, 15kg for males. Reminder: your back needs to be treated with care, so avoid going overboard especially if you’re a beginner with weights/resistance and if you have previous back injuries. Rules: time starts when the plate is placed on the back, participants always need […]

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Gym Design | Residential Gym Design

5 Ways a PRS Gym Can Make Renting a Pleasure

The way we live is constantly changing. House buying is being rapidly replaced by long-term renting. Working patterns are evolving too, with many more people enjoying multiple careers throughout their working lives or relying on the so-called gig economy to get by. So it’s natural that how we live will change with it. Hitching your […]

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The secrets to busting your gut

Still carrying those winter pounds and feeling like it’s too late to get yourself that toned look in time for summer? Don’t think that doing 100 sit-ups a day is going to solve your problems: studies have shown that solely focusing on one area of your body is unlikely to shift fat from that area. […]

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Gym Design | Student Gym Design

Why The Student Gym Might Be Your Best Study Buddy

Taking maximum advantage of your university gym may not be high on all students’ priority list but it could well prove to be your best friend. Regular exercise has been proven to have a whole host of health benefits, and can really help you to make the most of your time at uni. Most colleges […]

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Top 5 yoga and wellness festivals

With summer only moments away, the festival season will soon be upon us. But music festivals aren’t the only festivals to be at this summer. The latest trend taking hold is yoga and wellness festivals. Yoga and wellness festivals are a great way to refresh your mind, body and soul, and will undoubtedly leave you […]

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company News

motive8 team attend FIBO 2019

FIBO is Europe’s leading trade show for all thing’s fitness. The biggest names in the industry head to Germany for a week of networking and business. On the 8th April Gym & Spa consultant Sally Ottewell was joined by motive8 founder Nick Sadler for the annual European fitness mega show in Cologne, Germany. motive8 have attended FIBO […]

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Eating to complement weight loss training 

If you’re concentrating on weight loss training, you may need to consider what else you could be doing to help accelerate your weight loss in order to reach your goal. One area to look at is diet and eating habits. While people might consider eating less and skipping meals to help lose weight, but it is […]

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Training | workouts

How to do a weight loss calorie-burning workout

With Easter just around the corner, you may be wondering about what the best way to work off a few extra pounds after letting yourself loose on some Easter eggs. We’ve put together a fat-burning/weight loss workout that will dramatically increase your EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) to keep you burning calories long after you’ve […]

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Corporate Gyms | Corporate Wellbeing | Gym & Spa News

Digital Trends in Corporate Gym Equipment

We explore the latest trends in corporate gym equipment and how companies are responding to the need for more digitally-integrated workouts Gyms are ever-evolving spaces that need to adapt to new trends. Just as your business needs to respond to changing market needs, so does the gym space. Equipment dates, wears out, goes out of […]

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wellbeing | workouts

Wellness: why you should try yoga

Thinking about giving yoga a try, but not really sure what it’s all about? Yoga practice combines both a strong spiritual and meditation element alongside many physical benefits. Yoga focuses on strength training and flexibility, and with postures that improve your body from the inside out, you won’t just look good but also feel good […]

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Training | workouts

Cardio hybrid workout: indoor and outdoor

We touched upon the benefits of a hybrid workout earlier this month, as well as discussing nutrition for a running training schedule. Now we’re putting the two together with a hybrid workout for the runner. The exercises below can of course be altered and changed depending on your personal preferences and training facilities, but we […]

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Training | wellbeing

The benefits of sports massage

The use of massage in training and recovery can be extremely beneficial. Not only does massage relax and unwind the mind, but it also brings a long list of physical benefits that over time can have a hugely positive influence on your training regime.   Mental benefits While a massage is clearly a physical treatment, […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Home Gyms | Residential Gym Design | wellbeing

Gym Design for Later Living Schemes

Life expectancy is increasing. By 2040, nearly one in seven Britons will be over 75 and almost a third of people born today can expect to live to 100. In 2014, the average age in the UK exceeded 40 for the first time. As a result, there is an increased focus on ageing well, which is […]

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Nutrition | wellbeing

Nutrition for the runner

It’s fast approaching spring, with light and favourable weather conditions coming back to greet us after the cold, dark nights of winter. Spring, for the runner, can mean only one thing: the start of marathon season. Training is obviously very important, that’s a given, but diet and nutrition are areas that are often left unattended. […]

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Exercises | Motivation

The joy of a hybrid workout

As humans, we’re designed to be outside, but it’s very easy to forget it’s there sometimes, especially when it comes to our workouts! So mixing up your indoor workout with some outdoors activities can not only help keep things interesting, but also provide you with all the benefits that exercising in fresh air brings. Of […]

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