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A motive8 Gym Installation

Equipment | Exercises | Gym Design | wellbeing | workouts

Building a Private Gym for the Whole Family

Private home gyms are one of the ultimate ways of staying fit. But gyms aren’t just for busy grown-ups. A growing trend is installing a home gym for the whole family – kids, parents and even grandparents ! Nick Sadler, Director of motive8, talks to us about how to design a private gym that can […]

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Exercises | Training | wellbeing | workouts

Good Posture for Better Health

Posture is of great importance in our daily living so I’d like to share some points on how to improve your posture. 1. Be Mindful – Often the biggest problem in maintaining good posture is not thinking about how we’re sitting or standing. Whenever you notice you are slouching, whether sitting or standing: Firstly pull […]

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Gym Design

A Day in the Life: Matt Leadbitter, Gym Consultant

Matt Leadbitter is the newest addition to motive8’s Gym & Spa team. Matt has worked in the leisure and fitness industry for over 12 years (his whole working life) and joined the motive8 team to help develop our presence in the commercial market as well as support the sales team with new projects across existing sectors. Take a look at what a typical day in the life for Matt can look like.

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The use of #sports #massage in #training and #recovery can be extremely beneficial. As well as relaxing the mind, i……

5 hours ago
Training | wellbeing

The benefits of sports massage

The use of massage in training and recovery can be extremely beneficial. Not only does massage relax and unwind the mind, but it also brings a long list of physical benefits that over time can have a hugely positive influence on your training regime.   Mental benefits While a massage is clearly a physical treatment, […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Home Gyms | Residential Gym Design | wellbeing

Gym Design for Later Living Schemes

Life expectancy is increasing. By 2040, nearly one in seven Britons will be over 75 and almost a third of people born today can expect to live to 100. In 2014, the average age in the UK exceeded 40 for the first time. As a result, there is an increased focus on ageing well, which is […]

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Nutrition | wellbeing

Nutrition for the runner

It’s fast approaching spring, with light and favourable weather conditions coming back to greet us after the cold, dark nights of winter. Spring, for the runner, can mean only one thing: the start of marathon season. Training is obviously very important, that’s a given, but diet and nutrition are areas that are often left unattended. […]

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Exercises | Motivation

The joy of a hybrid workout

As humans, we’re designed to be outside, but it’s very easy to forget it’s there sometimes, especially when it comes to our workouts! So mixing up your indoor workout with some outdoors activities can not only help keep things interesting, but also provide you with all the benefits that exercising in fresh air brings. Of […]

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Exercises | workouts

Don’t neglect your innner thighs: adductor workout

The inner thighs or groin muscles are also known as adductors. These muscles are commonly neglected and often remain undertrained, but we need to build them up as they provide a lot of support in how the hips and knees work. Here are three exercises from April Vismonte, PT at Beaufort Park. If you’ve not trained […]

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Nutrition | wellbeing

Workout nutrition: what to eat before, during & after the gym

There is no secret formula to structuring your workout meals. Whether you’re fuelling up for your next session, or looking for the recovery meal of your dreams, it will come down to two things: carbs and proteins. These are the two areas of the food spectrum you’re going to want to hone in on pre- […]

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Equipment | Hotel Gym Design | Maintenance | Residential Gym Design

Gym Maintenance Contracts – the Best Solution for a Happy Gym

Gym maintenance contracts keep your gym running and extend its life. What makes a reputable gym maintenance company and what should your contract include?

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Exercises | wellbeing

How to have a more mindful workout

You might not immediately associate mindfulness with a gym session but it could be just what you need in order to get the most out of your workout. Here’s why – and some tips on how to make it happen the next time you hit the gym. Why be mindful? We might think of the […]

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company News

motive8 team exhibit at UKAA Innovation Show

motive8 has just returned from exhibiting at the UKAA Innovation Show 2019, which took place over one day at the Business Design Centre, London. Organised by The UKAA (The UK Apartment Association), the UK’s leading membership body for the residential rental sector, the event saw leading developers, agents, investors and consultants attend the exhibition, educational […]

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Gym Design | Maintenance | Residential Gym Design

Residential Gym Management

With the Build to Rent (BTR) and residential sectors becoming increasingly focused on providing real, value-added offerings to tenants, it’s no surprise that gyms are entering the frame and increasing in popularity.

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Motivation | Training

Maintaining motivation in your exercise regime

Motivation is the number one reason for exercise schedules falling apart. Winter is a tough month for getting up and getting out: shorter days give us less light for morning runs, cold temperatures leave us hesitant to get out of bed and winter weather can put off even the hardiest of weekend warriors. Without being […]

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Exercises | workouts

Core and abdominal workout

Core strength is an integral component of any fitness regime: it is key to the body functioning because it supports almost every movement and position. Core exercises train muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdominals. If you follow this core routine on a consistent basis you will see improvements to balance and stability, supporting everyday […]

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Gym Design | Home Gyms | Residential Gym Design

2019 Gym Design Trends. What’s Coming in 2019?

It’s a new year and, once again, we all start thinking about getting in shape. From regular gym-goers, to those new to fitness, people will be in search of health and wellbeing. Whether it’s a private, corporate or a membership-led gym, January and February will see a spike in attendance and interest as the winter […]

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Nutrition | wellbeing

Establishing healthy eating habits

Getting diet and nutrition back on track after Christmas and New Year can seem like a daunting task. We’re all thinking about ways to change our eating habits and to futureproof our health for the coming year. The good news is, it’s not so complicated as you might think. Before we get started let me […]

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Exercises | Training

How to do a wall-assisted handstand

Looking for a way to challenge yourself and get strong at the same time? Try Naweed’s wall-assisted handstand, a great way to get to grips with this move especially if you are a beginner. Read on to find out how to do it. Benefits of handstands: A beginner’s handstand is a great way to start […]

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