For clients on a restricted budget, or who may need to replace only certain items in their existing facility, refurbished gym equipment is often the ideal solution.

Our highly skilled and specialist engineers have been servicing and refurbishing gym equipment for over 15 years. We have a range of refurbished equipment available for both sale and rental from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Technogym, Life Fitness, Core Health & Fitness, Octane and Concept 2, among others. All equipment comes with a peace of mind 12-month labour and parts warranty.

All our refurbished equipment is subject to a thorough 26-point checklist – our engineers will strip the machine down to its frame with every bearing, cam, pulley and motor checked, replaced or repaired where necessary. Frames are also cleaned, and we assess any software, where applicable, to ensure correct calibration.

26 Point Checklist

1 – Take off plastic covers, vacuum all dust and blow out

2 – Check covers for Crack/damage. Repair/replace if necessary

3 – Track Belt

4 – Clean and Steam

5 – Remove end caps, replace if necessary

6 – Remove side panels and clean underneath

7 – Check decking, flip or replace as necessary

8 – Check mains lead for damage, replace if needed

9 – Check front wheels are complete and working

10 – Check two rear feet are intact

11 – Replace damaged/worn cables, grips and pulleys

12 – Reupholster or replace damaged pads where required

13 – Check console arms and frame for damage

14 – Replaced damaged guide rods if required

15 – Check Heart Rate function, fix if necessary

16 – Secure Heart Rate sensors

17 – Check all console overlay buttons are responding

18 – Check all stop buttons

19 – Give all areas of the machine an industrial clean

20 – Check all lighting figures and screens

21 – Replace rusted bolts/screws

22 – Ensure all bolts are tight and secure

23 – Give the machine a full 5-minute run, testing all features

24 – Turn the machine on and off 3 times to ensure no power failure

25 – Test battery, replace if necessary

26 – Replace weight stack pins where needed

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