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A Word from Shawn Mullix

A Word from Shawn Mullix

Our Personal Training Manager

Our team of trainers, not only have knowledge across a range of varying fitness and health related topics, but they also have a passion to help you with fitness.

We pride ourselves on being able to recruit individuals with a genuine interest in fitness and those that have a little something extra to offer becoming part of our team and helping you.

The team that we have grown at motive8 is made up of all qualified fitness professionals, not only that they can support their knowledge that their knowledge has been back up through experience from working with a plethora of clientele.

Some of the key characteristics that stand out with our team members include:

> Experience in training and coaching a variety of clientele
> Professionalism in their approach to the fitness service that we provide
> Empathy and respect towards individual client needs
> Integrity towards clients on their personal expectations and results
> Adapting, our team members are adaptable and think outside the box when it comes to training you, using a variety of techniques and methods to keep your training enjoyable.