A key part of our fitness service is delivering inductions across our unmanned residential gym sites. We’ve compiled this list of gym induction FAQs to help answer some of the most common questions, but if there is anything further you need to know, we’d love you to get in touch.


Why do I need a gym induction?

A gym induction is required at most sites because the gym is essentially unmanned and, to cover their health and safety requirements, the Estate Management require all residents to be shown how to safely use the gym. motive8 is hired to deliver this service on behalf of the development's managing agents.

What does the induction entail?

· Signing of PARQ- Health Questionnaire Form and Disclaimer Forms
· Covering the use of cardio equipment in the gym
· Covering the key features of the strength equipment
· Covering the use and safety of using free weights
· Showing any other equipment and training areas such as stretching spaces and smaller resistance training items - mats, medicine balls and Swiss balls
· Housekeeping and Health & Safety - Fire Exits, Cleaning Stations, Air Conditioning and Audio Visual Controls, Water Stations, Etiquette Signage
· Answering any questions that a resident might have surrounding training in the gym, further services and how to report issues

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point will vary across sites, however you will be informed of this over the phone at the time of your booking. The Concierge Team should be able to direct you to the gym if you are unsure of where it is located, however outside the gym is a common meeting point, or outside the main door to the gym .

How do I book a gym induction?

Please call our head office on 020 8481 9700 where a member of the team will be able to advise when the next induction is, what you need to do and also take payment over the phone.

How much does the induction cost?

When a new site launches, some inductions are paid for by the Estate Management and are therefore free to residents, but these are usually only for new gyms and only on a set number of specified dates and agreed periods during the initial launch phase. Outside of these dates and sessions, or if the Estate Management does not chose to offer free inductions, the following fees will apply.

Gym inductions cost £35.00* per person if part of a pre-scheduled group session. Inductions are set and paid for on a per person basis, therefore each resident will be required to pay for their induction individually, even if residing in the same property as another person wishing to use the gym.

If a 1-2-1 induction is requested at an alternative time to the pre-scheduled group sessions, there is a £15.00 surcharge. The resident will therefore have to pay £50.00** for a 1-2-1 induction at an alternative time to be organised with a motive8 trainer.

At some sites, where inductions are not compulsory, you can still opt to have one at a cost of £50.00 per person. If two or more people from the same apartment want to book an induction that is not at the time of a scheduled group induction, a fee of £35.00 per person will apply and payment must be completed at the same time.

At the time of booking we will ask you if you are an owner or a tenant. We need to know this information because, at some sites, property owners do not pay for their inductions directly - this is paid for by the estate management company or property developer.

* There are some site specific variances in the price for gym inductions; this will be made clear to you at the time of booking.
** The surcharge will always be £15, but the overall price for a 1-2-1 induction will be relative to the initial group cost as set by the relevant Estate Management.

Is there an ongoing membership fee?

For most gyms, there is no ongoing monthly membership fee. The cost of the induction is a one off payment, payable at the time of booking.

Some specified sites do have a membership fee; however this arrangement is between you, as a property owner or tenant, and the estate management company, not with motive8.

Why do I need to pay for an induction?

motive8 is hired as a contractor to deliver gym inductions on behalf of your Estate Management. The fee for the induction covers the cost of the trainer to deliver your induction and also the booking and administration to organise the induction. Your service charge does not cover the cost of an induction and motive8 does not take a share of your service charge for the purpose of gym inductions.

Why do I have to pay more for a 1:1 induction?

We have to cover the cost and time to book the personal trainer to visit your location at a more convenient time.

Do I need to bring training kit?

Training kit is not a requirement for an induction as we understand that you may be coming along straight from work. Whilst it is useful to come prepared to try machines out during an induction, this will not be an opportunity to look closely at your technique and form in detail due to the group setting of the inductions.

How do I gain access to the gym following my induction?

Our Personal Trainer will issue you with an Induction Confirmation Receipt. This should be taken to the concierge along with your fob where they will be able to programme the fob to access the gym area.

At some sites you will be given a code for the gym area following the gym induction.

If payment has not been received by motive8, we will not be able to issue access to the gym until payment has been confirmed as received.

What time does the gym open and close?

The gym is 24/7 unless specified; however specific sites have differing open and close times. Your key fob will often control access times anyway.

Can I bring my child to the gym?

We advise that children do not attend gym inductions or the gym at any time. The induction is an opportunity for all residents to listen to information surrounding health and safety and distraction from children should be avoided.

The gym is not deemed a safe place for children to be left to their own devices whilst you work out. In addition, residents should be able to enjoy the facility without the disturbance or worry that children are within their proximity.

We advise that you speak directly to your estate management team should you feel the need to bring your child to the gym as they will be able to offer further advice specific to your facility.