Posted on June 24, 2019 by Gordon Smith

Did you know that at motive8 we don’t just design gyms, we also supply a wide range of new and refurbished gym equipment? As such we’re experts in what is trending in the fast-moving world of gym equipment design. Let’s take a look at the latest trends and what is going to be shaping the future of gym kit.

Gym equipment trends

Functional training

2019 has seen the continued rise of functional training. Functional training aims to help people stay fit for life by exercising in ways that complement their natural daily activities.

“Functional training is carried out not on a machine but (for example) using kettlebells, suspension training equipment, medicine balls, slam balls, plyo platforms, skipping ropes. Even running backwards and forwards, jump exercises, pushups, situps and burpees count as functional training.

Functional training harks back to old school circuit training. It can also incorporate HIIT training. Rather than spending forty minutes on a static bike, you might do ten HIIT exercises 5 times.”

Nick Sadler – motive8 MD

Virtual fitness classes and exercises

The march towards digital continues apace with many new and innovative startups coming into the picture. For example, two players are causing a stir in the marketplace: Fitness on Demand and Wexer.

Scandinavian company Wexer make virtual exercises. Think of a touchscreen like an iPad which beams virtual fitness content direct to your machine. You can be tackling the hills of the Tour de France or performing jazz dance moves on the streets of NYC or dancing hip hop style in Miami. It opens up the possibility of training with the world’s top fitness trainers, anytime and anywhere. The experience can be solo or group, live or pre-recorded.

Another innovator is Fitness on Demand. Their experiences include on-demand fitness classes such as functional training, HIIT, suspension training and more.

Virtual fitness classes have been shown to keep gym members coming back more regularly and retain their membership for longer. Whilst nothing will ever replace human fitness trainers, virtual fitness can reduce costs and increase the reliability of fitness classes for all types of gyms.

Who buys gym equipment?

The market for gym equipment is growing as more and more spaces include workout and gym facilities. Student, hotel and residential developments are fast-growth areas. But the largest market opening up today is the Build to Rent or Private Rented Sector development market. BTR developers are finding that including high quality gyms can attract a better class of tenant and keep them renting for longer.

The refurbished marketplace for gym equipment is smaller than the market for new equipment but is attractive to buyers due to the great value refurbished machinery can offer.

Companies are finding innovative ways to provide gym facilities to their staff using refurbed kit. For example, at Thomas Cook HQ, colleagues formed a working party to find ways to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. One thing staff wanted was an office gym! Management wanted to test the idea before committing too much expenditure so they decided to rent refurbished kit for a year and, if the experiment worked, they would build a gym in Year 2. It did!

Gym equipment can be expensive and there is a world of difference between high quality and lower quality equipment. Refurbished equipment can be a way to get your hands on some top-of-the-range equipment without breaking the bank. For example, some treadmills can cost as much as £12,000 brand new but as gym equipment depreciates quickly, a second-hand treadmill may only cost £3,000, with many more miles left on the clock.

As well as the technical innovations the market for traditional gym equipment brands is still very healthy.

For example, at motive8 we supply major brands such as Technogym, Life Fitness, Octane, Matrix, Precor, Wattbike, Star Trac, Concept 2 and many more. Our key ranges include exercise and spin bikes, cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, resistance stations, cable machines and free weight equipment. All these brands are extremely popular.

What’s next?

Going forward we are likely to see huge leaps in virtual fitness, digital training equipment and back-to-basics functional training equipment. For information about the latest in gym design, gym installation and equipment choice, contact motive8. For refurbished gym equipment sales please contact or ring 020 8481 9700.