Posted on September 08, 2017 by Gordon Smith

In any gym, whether it’s at work, your local kickboxing haunt or your home gym, it is essential to have a decent amount of floor space. A square area that is at least as long as you, when lying on the ground with your arms above your head, is ideal.

Home gym mat work, with either very basic or no equipment at all, can be just as effective as using large, expensive equipment. Here are our suggestions on how to get the most out of your workout using the floor space in your home gym.

  1. Warm up

Many people choose to skip the warm-up, eager to get stuck into their workouts but taking the time to warm up your body will actually increase your performance and maximise the results from your workout. Our RAMP warm up does the job brilliantly and requires no equipment.

  1. Bodyweight training

With a bit of know-how and imagination the opportunities are endless when it comes to resistance training using your own bodyweight. Work on your core with crunches, leg lifts and the all-powerful plank. Work your lower body with variations on lunges and squats. Upper body exercises include push ups, which can work both biceps and triceps. Have a look at our morning weekly workout and don’t neglect your back.  If you find the exercises beginning to get to easy, just add a jump!

  1. Add some simple equipment

Take your home gym mat work up a notch by investing in some simple equipment. Benches are so versatile; think tricep dips, raised push ups and even step ups. Medicine balls or swiss balls are also great all-rounders, and kettlebells have also returned as a firm favourite to gyms across the world due to their adaptability for a wide range of exercises. A simple set of free weights will also allow you to intensify your workout; for example have a look at our focussed shoulder workout. Another piece of equipment that we recommend you consider is the TRX suspension trainer. It essentially allows you to use your own bodyweight in an even wider array of effective exercises.

  1. Other disciplines

Some people, as soon as they hear “mat work”, think of Pilates and yoga. These disciplines have long be vaunted as the path to an all-round toned, strong body and even a healthy mind. But did you realise that you can also manage a HIIT or tabata workout within the four walls of your home gym? Plyometrics are another fancy name for what is actually a no-nonsense, low-tech workout.

However you decide to enjoy your home gym mat work, do pay attention to your technique. Follow us on Instagram for videos of exercises performed in the correct way and regular inspiration.