Posted on June 07, 2019 by Gordon Smith

If you are a property manager in charge of a pool or spa, you’ll understand the importance of expert swimming pool maintenance keeping your facility clean, hygienic and in top working condition.

Our swimming pool maintenance service is focused on unparalleled expert regular maintenance coupled with a proactive preventative maintenance programme. It will keep your pool or spa in tip-top condition, extend the life of your facility and make sure it’s free from closures and breakdowns.

We provide both a periodical maintenance programme alongside regular preventative maintenance. We work hard to ensure that our cleaning and maintenance meet and exceed industry best practice.

Periodical maintenance

Periodical maintenance is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service visit. The frequency depends on factors such as how often your pool is used and whether you already have some on-site provision.

Our experienced, expert engineer will come to your facility and carry out the necessary checks and procedures required to keep your facility running smoothly.

Our maintenance service entails backwashing filters, topping up chemicals, checking chemical levels, cleaning chemical injectors, checking the operation of valves, checking operation of the Ultraviolet filter, checking the operation of heaters and ensuring there are no faults on heat exchanger and more.

If our engineer finds a fault, we can often fix it there and then. If not, the issue could be escalated for further investigation.

Preventative pool maintenance

As well as the regular checks and servicing, it’s vital to take proactive action to keep your pool or spa free from defects and breakdowns. Preventative maintenance usually takes places every three or six months.

Swimming pool maintenance can include cleaning of the pool’s balance tank. This is done every twelve months in the case of swimming pools and six months for spas.

We’ll also carry out filter media servicing to ensure the filtration system in your pool is operating at maximum efficiency and keeping your pool clean.

If your pool uses a filtering UV system we’ll service this for you, usually every 12 months.

We aim to carry out these operations in the fastest possible time to avoid disruption to your pool’s availability.

Working with your on-site provision

At motive8 we understand that you may already have some on-site pool maintenance provision which you wish to continue to use. Our contracts cater for this and we’re more than happy to work alongside your on-site provision, providing any aspect of the service which you don’t have time or expertise to carry out yourself.

Experience and expertise

At motive8 we’re really proud of the service we provide to our customers. Our service was started in 2010. We now have almost 50 pools under regular maintenance.

We have many customers in the South East, but we can potentially travel to any part of the UK and we’ll be delighted to talk to you about pool and spa maintenance wherever you are in the country.

Our team are friendly, experienced and highly knowledgeable. All our engineers have obtained The National Pool Plant Operators qualification as a minimum. The majority of our team are ISPE qualified.

Because of our experience we can often fix issues on the spot without the need for further callouts and disruption. Recently one client presented us with an old, unclean sauna that was becoming unfit for purpose and something of an eyesore. Rather than having to replace we restored the sauna to sparkling condition and perfect working order, keeping it running for many more years and saving our customer lots of money.

Our customers

What really motivates us is our amazing customers. If you are responsible for looking after a pool or spa facility and need experienced, reliable regular maintenance and proactive preventative maintenance, why not talk to Rob Clarke at motive8 for further information. Ring 0800 028 0198 or email