What is a Commercial Gym?

Exploring the markets for gym installation in the UK

In today’s health-conscious society, a fit and active lifestyle is of central importance to most adults in the UK. The commercial gym sector has grown significantly over the last 20 years or so. There are thought to be nearly 3500[1] commercial gyms in the UK and the market is estimated at £1.62 billion pounds per year. The UK market is thought to be at an all-time high value – having increased by 11.5% in the 12 months to March 2023.[2] Around 14-15% of UK adults hold a gym membership.

The market of course suffered a serious blow in 2021 and 2022 due to the Covid lockdowns. Straight after that came the cost-of-living crisis and energy prices skyrocketing, which has affected gyms profoundly. But the market is bouncing back as of 2023. New gyms are being opened every week, and although the marketplace is dominated by some very large players, there is still space for boutique, independent and community-run commercial gyms.

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[2] https://www.healthclubmanagement.co.uk/health-club-management-news/UK-fitness-sector-hits-record-value-according-to-State-of-the-Industry-Report/351375

Definition of commercial gym

Commercial gyms, (also known as fitness centres, studios, or health clubs), are dedicated spaces specifically designed to offer a wide range of fitness activities and equipment to the general public for a fee. A range of price points and membership options is offered.

Within this broad definition there’s a very wide range of gym types. Some are designed to cater for a particular demographic of clientele. So, it’s worth taking a moment to look at what exactly a commercial gym is, and how it is different from other types of facility.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of commercial gyms, highlighting their key features and what differentiates them from residential and corporate gyms. We will touch on the rise of corporate gyms and examine the latest trends in commercial gym design in the UK, and how these trends align with the evolving fitness landscape.

Commercial gyms are, by definition, designed to run at a profit. Startup costs are high. Most revenue is generated from members’ monthly subscription. Additional revenue can come from one-off visits, food and beverage sales, merchandise, added extras such as personal trainers, and many other add-ons.

The commercial gym business model almost always calls for gyms to be oversubscribed – they must have more paying members on their books than they have “active” members. In other words, there is a percentage of gym members who do not attend the gym, or who attend very rarely. Almost all gyms rely on these silent payers to subsidise regular users. And gyms need not have the capacity to host all of their clientele at the same time. Average profit margins for commercial gyms are around 10-15% (sometimes more for boutique gyms – see below).

Commercial gyms: how the scene has developed

Some specialise in particular activities such as Crossfit, military-style training, bootcamp, spin, group fitness, weight training etc.  A particular style of gym that has become very popular is the boutique gym.

Boutique gyms

Boutique gym
Boutique gyms emphasize specific activities

Boutique gyms can broadly be defined as smaller facilities, focussed on a smaller range of activities, and often with their own particular style of service delivery and branding. They are often independently-owned and have smaller numbers of branches than the larger chains.

The boutique commercial gym market is thriving. Specialist fitness studios which focus only on particular activities such as spinning, HIIT, cycling, dance fitness, Pilates, yoga or even barre are now commonplace. These studios are finding that members don’t want or need the full gym experience, they only use a subset of the features, and don’t want to be charged for things they don’t use.

The point of boutique gyms is that they can develop their own style and thus attract their own tribe of members who might otherwise be indifferent to the usual full-service gym experience. Sure, the tribe they attract is smaller, but they can be more loyal to their chosen gym.

A good example is Buzzgym who, as well as providing a 24-hour gym experience, also specialise in providing a nightclub style experience, combining workouts with DJs and sound systems.

Other gyms specialise in military fitness style training (for example, The Commando Temple in London). And Gymbox, with a highly stylised approach, has “nightclub-inspired décor, resident DJs and banging playlists”.

Almost all gyms are finding that an integrated approach to their members’ health is demanded. Gyms are offering digital workouts that can be accessed in the gym, in classes or at home. This gives members the flexibility they need whilst nurturing and strengthening brand loyalty.

As well as differentiating themselves via the facilities and style, commercial gyms can also differentiate themselves via their overall experience. The market has widened to include high cost/luxury experience gyms as well as low-cost budget gyms. These budget gyms compete heavily on price whereas luxury gyms compete mainly on the range and quality of equipment, added perks and extras, luxurious surroundings and top-flight instructors.

A trend which has developed over the last 10 years is women-only gyms. As many as 61% of women say they have experienced sexual harassment in the gym[1]. This has caused a silent retreat from the gym by women – as many as 40% of women have avoided going to the gym because they feel uncomfortable.

With behaviours ranging from unwanted conversation, invading personal space, unsolicited or patronising advice, to sexual comments and even touching, it’s not surprising that this problem has been recognised in the sector, and more women-only gyms are the result.

Gyms which are LGBTQ+ friendly have proliferated. Within this category there are gyms which are exclusively focussed on LGBTQ+ people, or simply LGBTQ+ friendly.

[1] https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/blog/the-gym-timidation-report-exploring-gender-experiences-in-the-gym

Latest trends in commercial gym design

Because they are profitable ventures, commercial gyms must do all they can to stay ahead of new and emerging fitness trends. So it’s vital in the commercial gym marketplace to keep in tune with the latest science and technology, as well as fads and fashions, to spot trends which will help gym-goers reach their fitness goals whilst not wasting money on fitness trends which are here-today and gone-tomorrow.

Owners are demanding more and more creativity in gym design. From industrial décor to the nightclub vibe, to holistic natural spaces with calming music, water features and natural plants – everything in the design must reinforce the brand and values of the gym in order to resonate more strongly with their clientele.

Sustainability and community

Customers are demanding accountability and sustainability from gym designers. They are interested in the carbon footprint of their chosen gym, green energy usage, efficient lighting, use of renewables etc. The Gym Group, which has 230 gyms across the UK, claims to be the UK’s first carbon neutral gym chain and aim to be net zero emissions by 2045.[1]

Meanwhile, whilst not actually gyms in the traditional sense, a number of community initiatives have sprung up which aim to combine health and fitness with socially beneficial outcomes. For example, Good Gym asks volunteers to combine their running with doing small jobs for elderly people, tidying up local spaces, clearing rubbish and more. And The Green Gym gets people to help improve their local green spaces – combining physical activity with improving the environment for everybody. Commercial gyms should be watching this space carefully and thinking about how they can leverage their members’ desire to improve their environment and build better communities.

[1] https://www.thegymgroup.com/gym-sustainability/

Tech integration

Tech plays a vital role in the contemporary gym environment. From interactive cardio machines with built-in screens to wearable fitness trackers and gym membership apps, the integration of technology enhances the membership experience and facilitates progress tracking.

Fitness wearables such as Apple Watches, Garmin watches and Fitbits have risen in popularity over the last four to five years, with 29% of adults saying they wear a fitness device all the time. Meanwhile, 9% say they own a fitness device but don’t use it, and 54% have never owned one – but this last number is declining quite sharply.[1] Gyms are finding ways to ensure that the most popular fitness apps and wearables are compatible with their equipment and classes.

[1] https://yougov.co.uk/topics/technology/trackers/brits-use-of-wearable-devices-eg-a-smartwatch-or-wearable-fitness-band

Gym apps

Gym apps can integrate the on-site experience with the rest of the members’ fitness and wellness lives. They can provide personalised fitness programmes and targets. They can provide tailor-made workout plans, devised by algorithm or in collaboration with on-site personal trainers. These customisable workouts can measure progress towards members’ individual health and fitness goals (e.g., strength, cardio, weight-loss or mental wellbeing).

Gym apps typically have progress trackers, and some even offer fitness challenges which pit members against each other (in a supportive and friendly way) to meet their fitness goals.

Gym apps can go beyond just health and fitness though. As many as 36% of UK adults feel one of the biggest barriers to exercise is simply not having enough time. So whatever gyms can do to save their members time, is usually welcome. Tech plays a part in this, helping members to schedule and book, pay their subs, monitor busy times. For example, motive8 offers digital inductions at our own manned and un-manned residential gyms – saving time for both new members and gym staff. And some gym apps act as a digital membership card, allowing customers to enter the gym, enter restricted places such as spas and saunas and unlock car park gates. They can also manage guest visits in advance, without having to speak to desk staff. The David Lloyd app allows customers to order food and drink from the on-site clubroom.


Commercial gyms are not solely focused on physical fitness but also encompass holistic well-being. Many gyms now include wellness amenities such as spa, saunas, recovery rooms, steam rooms, chill zones and relaxation areas. These features provide an avenue for post-workout recovery and promote overall relaxation and stress reduction.

The recognition of the mind-body connection has prompted gyms to include spaces dedicated to mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation. These serene areas provide members with an escape from the daily grind.

Group exercise and community building

Group exercise classes have become increasingly popular in commercial gyms due to their social and motivational aspects. Fitness enthusiasts can participate in activities like yoga, Zumba, cycling, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, fostering a sense of community and mutual support. Commercial gyms often host special events, challenges, and workshops to engage members and cultivate a vibrant fitness community.

Functional training and multi-purpose spaces

Functional training, which emphasises natural movements and muscle activation, has gained significant traction in recent years. Commercial gym design incorporates designated spaces for functional training. The space is often zoned into specific areas such as cardio zones, strength training areas, and group exercise spaces. Equipment like battle ropes, suspension trainers, and kettlebells is often featured.

The functional layout incorporates designated areas for different types of workouts. This design approach prioritises making the best use of the space available whilst accommodating diverse fitness activities.

Residential gyms

If commercial gyms tend to lead the way in gym design, demanding creativity from designers, then corporate gyms and residential gyms are never far behind.

Residential gyms are gym spaces built within new developments, apartments and housing complexes. Such gyms can rival the biggest and best commercial gyms, such is the desire for developers to add value to their properties, attract new owners/renters and keep them there for the longest possible time. The market for residential gyms expanding at pace.

Corporate gyms: promoting health and well-being in the workplace

Corporate gym at Linklaters
Corporate gym at Linklaters

Finally, one other major emerging market in the UK gym sector over the last few years has been corporate gyms – gyms installed in workplaces. Companies have come to understand that job satisfaction is much more complex than just remuneration. Corporate gym membership can improve employee morale, retention, reduce absenteeism and rates of depression and stress – all vital factors in creating a successful business.

One way of offering gym membership to employees is by offering fully or partly subsidised membership to commercial gym chains. But for many companies, building their own on-premises gyms is proving to be a good use of space. This is especially true in an era when fewer employees are attending work on-site every day and companies are looking for efficient uses for their spare space.

Corporate gyms often feature state-of-the-art equipment, fitness classes, and wellness programs, fostering a healthy work-life balance and boosting employee morale and productivity.

Companies that have installed on-premises gyms include Linklaters Law Firm, CTG UTC Aerospace, Deliveroo, and many others.

The corporate and workplace gym market also extends to co-working spaces. Again, increasingly, these spaces are finding that attracting people out of their homes and into the city is an important part of their business offering.

At motive8 we are laser-focussed on being market leaders in the design and provision of commercial gyms. We’re also leaders in home gyms, corporate gyms and residential gyms.

We hope that this look at the commercial gym market in 2023 has given you some food for thought if you are considering commissioning a gym design or are otherwise involved in this creative, innovative and ever-evolving sector. If there is any way in which we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Victor Adegbesan

Handyman & Equipment Installation Engineer

Victor was welcomed into the logistics and gym install team team in 2023.

New to gym installation and maintenance, Victor is extensively experienced in the involved applications via previous positions, interests and hobbies.

With a long standing passion for fitness and discipline, Victor has been embedded within the gym scene for many years and was the primary attraction to his current position.

In his free time he enjoys staying fit and healthy, and spending time with his family and friends.

Ashley Wright

Head of Gym & Spa Management

Ashley Wright is the Head of Gym & Spa Management at motive8. She is a leading industry expert in gym and spa management, working with gym and spa facilities all over the UK.

Ashley joined motive8 in 2019, initially as Gym & Spa Area Manager before being promoted into her current role. Ashley’s background encompasses Personal Training, working for prestigious brands such as Nuffield Health and Digme Fitness; as well as service management.

Ashley’s on the ground knowledge of the industry coupled with service management experience allows her to take a holistic view of motive8’s corporate and residential offerings. Ashley works closely with Area Managers to support them and their onsite teams in all aspects of running motive8’s managed residential facilities, ensuring residents receive a bespoke service at each of motive8’s gym and spas.

A key aspect of Ashley’s day to day role is to ensure a true community feel is achieved across all of motive8’s sites, creating more opportunities for residents to enhance their wellbeing journeys through events, workshops and specialist classes. She works closely with the Area Managers to support them and their onsite teams in all aspects of the running of motive8’s residential facilities.

Away from work, Ashley still teaches spin classes at a number of gyms across London and enjoys cooking and travelling.

Nick Sadler

Managing Director

Nick Sadler is the Founding Director of motive8 and has worked in the industry for 18 years. He has worked as the lead Gym and Spa consultant on projects across all sectors on a number of prestigious schemes with developers, architects, interior design agencies and managing agents. His expertise and consultancy on projects have ensured that the original design concepts are always met or exceeded whilst maintaining the future operational efficiency of the facility.

Jenny Cromack


Jenny is a leading expert in personal training and service delivery, with over 20 years’ experience in the gym and leisure industry.  

A driving force within motive8, Jenny set up motive8 North alongside motive8 Founding Director, Nick Sadler, in 2011, before merging with the wider motive8 brand in 2018.

A key facet of Jenny’s role is to run the motive8 Personal Training studio in Leeds. With extensive experience as a Personal Trainer, Jenny leads motive8’s inductions; working across a range of motive8’s portfolio including unmanned sites and placing a focus on first rate, bespoke service delivery as a key priority.

Jenny has also been instrumental in the development of motive8’s flagship commercial gym in York, Supersonic Fitness, which opened in 2018; as well as working with developers to enhance the functionality of motive8’s own booking system, which is used in both unmanned and manned facilities to manage classes and gym attendance to offer an affordable and effective solution for clients. Jenny brings an informed, progressive approach to business development and innovation for motive8, strengthened by her broad on the ground experience.

Before becoming a Director at motive8 Jenny owned and ran a personal training company for nearly four years, and has previously held positions as Health Club & Spa Manager, working within the Radisson Edwardian for Fitness Express, and Assistant Gym Manager for corporate law firm, Addleshaw Goddard.

A keen duathlete and triathlete who has represented Great Britain for her age group, outside of work Jenny loves spending time with family and friends, alongside her much-loved sports of cycling, swimming and running.

Sarah Cleland-Smith


Sarah has worked in the fitness industry for 17 years and is a co-owner of motive8. She has worked across all areas of the business, predominantly the day to day operations of the Gym and Spa facilities we currently manage on behalf of our clients. She has a key understanding of how design must meet operational requirements, ensuring the client and end user receive the best possible service and ongoing running costs are considered in the design. Her current focus is project management and financials.

Richard Moon


Richard is a leading industry expert in gym and spa maintenance and has been a Director and a co-owner of motive8 since 2016. He was responsible for setting up the maintenance department 15 years ago, starting with just one maintenance contract, to now, over 250 and has supported across multiple different roles throughout the company over this period.

Richard’s key responsibility at motive8 is to head up the maintenance division, which provide service and maintenance contracts for all motive8 equipped facilities to ensure longevity and value for the client. The maintenance department currently services in excess of 250 sites across the UK. Richard and his team work with the client and their onsite teams to provide H&S best practice, daily maintenance checks and aftercare packages.

Richard enjoys working at motive8 and within the leisure industry. Internally, he enjoys the people he works with and being part of a team. Externally, he finds it fulfilling to provide a service to his clients that makes him happy: “I am in a fortunate position that the decisions I make have an impact”.

Rob Clarke


Rob has worked in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years and brings with him a wealth of experience from the commercial leisure sector. He has provided consultancy to the majority of the country’s top developers, architects and property management companies, and is widely considered as one of the leading experts in residential leisure facilities.

Rob has been with motive8 for nearly seven years, having previously held a long-term position at The Hogarth Group’s The Park Club as Facilities Manager and Health & Safety Manager, before transferring to The Weybridge Health Club & Spa as Operations Manager. At motive8, Rob has been a key member of the team as a Gym & Spa Consultant, Pool & Spa Maintenance Manager, and latterly, Head of Operations, before moving onto the company’s board of directors in 2020. 

Rob’s key responsibilities at motive8 involve business development; overseeing the maintenance and management departments; and consulting on a variety of client projects. A values-driven professional, 2021 saw Rob work with the motive8 team to produce a series of social initiatives including the Empowering Performance ambassador programme, supporting athletes to reach their goals; carbon offsetting with Make It Wild; and creating a Wellbeing Committee for employees.

Sheena Sudera

Office Manager & HR Coordinator

Sheena joined the motive8 team in 2024, with over 15 years’ experience as a PA, her position is essential to the smooth running of the office. From managing office operations to supporting the heads of departments, Sheena’s role is to provide administrative support and develop relationships across all departments within the company.

Away from motive8, Sheena is a keen runner and qualified personal trainer, championing women in supporting them with their physical and mental health.

Nisha Hansewraj


Nisha graduated from university with a BA Hons in Accounting and Finance. Since then, she has gained significant experience and knowledge in all aspects of accounting and finance. She has joined our accounts team and is responsible for managing our books and preparing relevant financial reports for the business. She is very productive in challenging roles and as a self-motivated and meticulous person is willing to learn new skills and develop existing knowledge.

Outside of work, Nisha enjoys spending time with her family and exploring nature, especially taking scenic countryside walks. Cooking and baking is another of Nisha’s passions. 

Rolstone Langmead

Logistics & Gym Install Manager

Joining motive8 back in 2013 with the Gym & Spa department, Rolstone brought his experience from the customer service industry as well as 8 years’ experience as a personal trainer, the knowledge of which was spread into the department.

Rolstone now manages motive8 gym installations, ensuring equipment and design are delivered on time, safely and to a high standard. Providing H&S best practice and service support to our customers for all our products with the aid of our team of engineers. Rolstone is also working with our Maintenance team that currently services in excess of 200 sites in the UK to ensure longevity and value for the client.

Albert Spangenberg

Refurb and Technicians Manager

Albert started his career in facility maintenance and operations; he is now motive8’s Refurb and Technicians Manager. Albert launched a new department providing refurbished gym equipment to rent or buy which his background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing perfectly suits. He has worked in the fitness industry for the past 17 years. Albert is meticulous about how the equipment is maintained and is always looking at ways to improve the service motive8 can offer to their clients.

In his spare time he likes spend quality time with the family and work on mechanical projects.

Monika Blaziak

Gym Maintenance Co-ordinator Manager

Monika is the Gym Maintenance Co-ordinator Manager for all gym and pool/leisure equipment and has a background in maintenance and accounts administration for property development companies.

Monika’s skills include accounting, IT and of course the backbone of all busy administration roles, multi-tasking!

In her spare time she likes to spend her free time with her dog Cezar, walking through parks and forests and also likes to relax with a good book at the end of the day. Monika is also interested in psychology, which she is currently studying.

Kamil Reyad

Maintenance Admin Assistant

Kamil is a recent law graduate with a background in customer service and sales, working within the maintenance administration team. His skills include IT, Multi-tasking and customer service.

In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, boxing, practicing MMA, playing guitar, reading and gaming.

Kim Mead

Gym & Spa Design

Kim’s career began in the property industry, where she spent a number of years working for both estate agents and developers, giving her a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge of how the industry functions.

Kim has worked alongside Nick for the past 11 years and transforms his ideas & designs into 3D visuals and 2D floor layouts via CAD & Visio in line with the architect’s requirements. She brings together all project documentation including equipment specifications, quotes & project drawings. Once finalised and agreed, Kim procures all the required equipment.

In her spare time, Kim loves playing tennis, cooking and travelling.

Sally Ottewell

Gym & Spa Consultant

Sally has over 10 years’ experience in sales. She has worked within the communications industry for 12 years and made the move to motive8 because of her love for all things fitness.

Sally is passionate about gym and spa design and takes pride in each individual project, whether that be residential, corporate, commercial or within the hotel market. She consults, designs layouts and provides product advice on schemes nationwide with a range of developers, designers, project managers and private clients.

She enjoys being active, is a regular gym goer and has practiced yoga since being a teenager, qualifying to teach it in 2014.

Josh Remedios

Gym & Spa Area Manager

Josh has worked for motive8 since 2013 after graduating from University of Portsmouth. He has worked his way up through the gym and spa department from Spa Operative, to Supervisor, Manager and now Area Manager. Josh works with the managers he oversees to provide facilities residents can enjoy as an extension to their homes as well as working closely with the estate management companies to ensure the standards at all sites remain high.

Outside of motive8 Josh is a keen on his travelling and adding to a growing list of countries he has visited as well as being passionate about his own fitness and football.

Lily Lamthong

Assistant design consultant

Lily joined the Gym & Spa design team in 2023. She is an architecture graduate with years of experience in architectural practice, now transferring her architectural skills into her role at motive8.

With her love for the gym and all things design, she provides creative and administrative support to the design team. This includes tasks such as creating 3D visualisations, 2D design drawings and quotes.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, travelling and weight training. She also volunteers her time to the Lao Association in the UK. 

Sarah Humphreys

Gym & Spa Area Manager

Sarah has worked in the leisure industry since the age of 17, starting out as a Fitness Instructor initially, then working as Sales Manager and then progressing to Club Manager. Sarah joined motive8 in January 2020 as a Gym and Spa Manager of our first Manchester gym & spa facility before being promoted into the role of Area Manager to oversee our growing operation in Manchester and the North West. Outside of motive8 Sarah enjoys running, Personal Training as well as spending time with family and friends.

Bradley Dixon


Bradley has worked in the leisure industry since the age of 16, starting as a Lifeguard and progressing through various management roles which also took him to working and living abroad both in Dubai and Australia. Bradley joined motive8 in June in 2020 as a Gym and Spa Manager before being promoted into the role of Area Manager.

Outside of motive8 Bradley also enjoys teaching various group exercise classes as well as spending time with friends and travelling.

Kate Halsall

Personal Trainer & Biomechanics Coach

Kate is an enthusiastic personal trainer, and qualified biomechanics coach, who specialises in posture and back care. She has worked in the industry since 2009, and her other specialisms include weight/fat loss, group exercise and working with specialist populations.

On top of that, Kate loves working with groups of pregnant ladies as she is also pre and post-natal qualified! Exercise is a real passion of hers, and she can often be found riding her bike, going to fitness weekends, walking in the lake district – and she’s recently started participating in cycling sportives.

When it comes to advice, she claims “give it a try – what’s the worst that could happen?” is her greatest piece.

Emily Forbes

Personal Trainer

Emily is motive8’s in-house nutritionist, and doesn’t stop at just being a great personal trainer. Her effective programming and nutritional advice is highly popular and aimed at helping clients achieve a variety of fitness goals.

Not only is Emily passionate about nutrition though, as she also loves strength training and Yoga. She takes a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and health as a whole, which no doubt makes for a recipe for success across the board.

Her greatest piece of advice is simply “consistency…this will help you achieve your goals for the long term.”

Warren Killeen

Head of Maintenance

Warren started his career as an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer servicing a wide range of commercial and industrial systems. He has over 20 years’ experience in the FM industry working for major players across the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. With his technical and hands-on experience, Warren has always been happy to roll his sleeves up and get involved with works on sites when needed. In Warren’s spare time he enjoys DIY, quizzing and country walks. He is also involved with helping at his local Irish club organising charity fundraising nights and other events.

Alice Ward


Alice has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, one of her first places of work being motive8! Since then, Alice has gone on to work for some of the leading U.K gym providers and most recently managed a large corporate gym in Surrey, implementing innovative fitness trends and overseeing the health and wellbeing of the clients, alongside opening a second corporate club and managing a team of personal trainers and instructors. A keen interest in health and fitness drives Alice outside of work, spending regular time working out in the gym, outdoors or at home.

Jo Hunt


Jo has worked within the fitness industry for 11 years, starting as a fitness instructor to personal trainer working her way through to being a general manager for the UK’s largest gym operator. 

With Jo’s extensive knowledge and experience within the commercial fitness industry, she is working with our managed London sites to maintain & build processes to streamline our operations alongside ensuring our sites are hosting events throughout each month to build a sense of community. 

In her spare time Jo enjoys going out for long country walks with her dog, playing rugby and teaching dance at her local dance school.

Maintenance and servicing

Protect your investment, meet compliance regulations and prevent costly breakdowns. Our experienced pool engineers schedule regular maintenance visits or can attend as requested for events such as preparing an outdoor pool for summer. Our maintenance covers all kinds of pool, spa and water features for:

Repair & Refurbishment

Keep your facilities looking fresh, modern and in pristine condition. motive8 can advise you on the latest trends in design, sustainability and efficiency to make sure your pool and spa continue to give your site a competitive advantage.

Emergency Response

Keep disruption to a minimum with our emergency call-out service. Our engineers will quickly run diagnostic tests and carry out repairs during the visit if possible. motive8 know how important it is to get your pool, spa or water feature back up and running as soon as possible.

Albert Spangdenberg

Rental and refurb manager

Albert started his career in facilities maintenance and operations and is now a Senior Engineer. With Albert’s background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, he has recently headed up a new department within motive8 providing refurbished gym equipment to rent or buy. He has worked in the fitness industry for the past 17 years. Albert is very meticulous at how the equipment is maintained and always aims to improve on efficiency of how this service is provided.

In his spare time he likes spend quality time with his family and work on mechanical projects.

Filip Kozlowski

Services manager

Filip is responsible for the day to day running of our Inductions Department, and assists residents across our un-manned gym facilities with arranging their inductions and personal training sessions, as well as managing the group exercise schedules delivered across different schemes.

Outside of the day time job, Filip also delivers Personal Training both in-house as well as on a self-employed basis, which is how he originally entered the Fitness Industry space in 2016.

Always taking the opportunity to promote health and wellbeing whenever possible, a bit of advice from Filip– “The easiest way to always stay fit is having a kettlebell at hand!”



After working as a professional actor and dancer for almost a decade, Adrian moved into the fitness industry in 2015. He has moved through various fitness management roles within Operations and Customer Service, as well as being a fitness instructor. He joined Motive8 in 2020 as a Gym & Spa Manager before being promoted to Area manager.

Mental health is as important as physical health for Adrian. Outside work, he likes to meditate daily and also still dabbles in theatre through Movement Direction and Choreography.

Lily Lamthong

Assistant design consultant

Lily joined the Gym & Spa design team in 2023. She is an architecture graduate with years of experience in architectural practice, now transferring her architectural skills into her role at motive8.

With her love for the gym and all things design, she provides creative and creative support to the design team. This includes tasks such as creating 3D visualisations, 2D design drawings and quotes.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, travelling and weight training. She also volunteers her time to the Lao Association inn the UK.