Posted on August 25, 2017 by Ros Rowlatt

Whether it’s the Tough Mudder Challenge or bog snorkelling, us Brits love a quirky challenge. Believe it or not, training is still essential, so why not do it from the comfort of a home gym? motive8, one of the UK’s leading home gym supply companies, has compiled this comprehensive list of tips to help you finish your event smiling!

Over the years we have seen a rapid increase in alternative ways of exercising and keeping fit. The Tough Mudder events started off with around 4,000 participants and now have over 2 million people taking part, at an average of 10 -15,000 per event. Weekly events such as Parkrun see over 1 million people running in different green locations across the UK. Quite simply, Brits want to exercise ‘differently’.

Although the more off-the-wall sports look like a bit of fun, these are still events that require high fitness levels. There’s a lot more to them than simply showing up and hoping for the best. The World Bog Snorkelling Championships demand speed, strength and stamina, which is achieved mainly through regular cardio workouts and weight training. Only 70% of participants actually complete a Tough Mudder challenge owing to the participants wading through 10 -12 miles of mud whilst completing a very tough obstacle course; this makes for a seriously high-impact workout. Such events demand an intense and varied fitness programme to build core strength, and this is where a private, home gym comes into its own.

It can be hard getting motivated to go to the gym when you’ve had a tough day at work or have ongoing commitments, meetings or general life admin that needs to be sorted. Setting-up a home gym can be less disruptive and more of a seamless extension to daily and weekly routines. You can decide the best times and routines for you, in a calm and focused environment, without worrying about peak times and membership restrictions.

Contrary to popular belief, private gym equipment is not as expensive as you might imagine. If you factor in gym membership and travel costs, combined with preparation time, a home gym can be a more cost-effective, long-term solution. In fact, a return on investment can be seen in as little as three years – based on savings made from an average family gym membership costing approximately £150 per month. Even if you’re working within a tight budget, a fully functional home gym can be installed from as little as £1,000, and it is also possible to buy reconditioned equipment from residential fitness facilities going through equipment upgrades.

If you’re competing in more niche fitness events, you need to make sure you’re getting the right private gym equipment, so it is desirable to have a personal training programme in place that is tailored to your specific needs. This way you can choose the equipment to meet those requirements.

Additionally, when it comes to installation, there are things to consider other than simply putting the equipment in and getting on with it. Health and safety, as well as design need to be taken into consideration to give you optimum movement and flow between equipment. Other elements include flooring, sound-proofing, acoustics, audio visual, mirrors, water supply and sanitary equipment.

At motive8, we offer home gym solutions, from personal training programmes, right through to design, supply and maintenance. We can help you get ready to compete in events that will leave lasting memories, and create great talking points – so what are you waiting for, get those registration forms in and start a whole new fitness journey.