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Despite the misconceptions that only the rich and famous are privileged enough to own a home gym, motive8 can offer a selection of different home gym design packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

Based on size and budget available, motive8 will select equipment which offers its users the most comprehensive and effective workout possible. For many families, a return on investment can be seen in as little as three years (based on savings made from an average family gym membership costing approximately £150 per month).

For those on a restricted budget, through contacts in the industry, our home gym design team has access to a fantastic range of reconditioned, full or semi-commercial gym equipment that’s recently come out of state-of-the-art residential fitness facilities. A fully functional home gym can be installed for less than you think, with motive8 providing a 12-month warranty on all second hand equipment.

Combine the savings in petrol driving to and from the gym with the time saving convenience of having a gym on your doorstep and it’s easy to see why an increasing number of people are pursuing the home gym option.

“We met with motive8 to go through all our fitness requirements. They were quick to understand exactly what we were looking to achieve and pulled the whole project together in a matter of weeks. Having a gym at the bottom of our garden is just fantastic.”

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