Posted on October 25, 2019 by Gordon Smith

Having a swimming pool in your gym, spa, hotel or residential complex is a great value-add for customers and residents. Not only is it another revenue stream, but it also gives you an edge over the competition.

Pools are great fun and offer tremendous health benefits. But with the installation of a swimming pool comes regular upkeep, not to mention ensuring the space adheres to health and safety guidelines. It’s not a simple fit-and-forget project.

We look at how swimming pool maintenance contracts can support you and help you run your pool and pool area more effectively.

Ongoing maintenance

As with anything in life, the more something is used, the more it needs regular attention. This is no different with swimming pools, as frequency of swimmers and pool use determines how often it is serviced.

For high-use sites, such as gyms, this would need to be on a weekly basis where the pool would be tested for PH and chemical levels, as well as filter cleaning and checking the overall area is working well. If it is a heated pool, then heat exchangers need to be checked, as would backwashing filters and valves.

Because of the daily maintenance a pool requires, it’s tempting to just address the safety elements and leave the overall mechanics of the pool to do their own thing. But this can work out to be a more expensive decision in the long-term. It could even lead to revenue loss due to closure.

With this in mind, when selecting a maintenance contract, it’s important to explore all options that are open to you. There are a range of packages on offer, which are designed to suit every pool requirement from daily maintenance, right through to annual servicing.

Types of maintenance contract

There are many reasons you may find yourself in charge of a pool. For example, you could be working in the health industry or you might be in charge of a residential development. Each business has its own reasons for pool ownership, and its own needs and requirements for upkeep and maintenance. This is why there are a range of maintenance contracts to help support and run your swimming pool.

In high footfall sites such as gyms, where pool usage is easily visible, it might be that your gym staff can cover some elements of daily maintenance. But you need to be sure they have the time and expertise to take care of all aspects. If there is any doubt over this, using an external contractor can help.

Outsourcing pool maintenance can also help with staff hours, as employees may need to start earlier or work later in order to run daily maintenance tasks. For busy pool areas, a contractor could do their work outside of hours to help minimise disruption, leaving your staff to stick with their regular hours.

Additionally, hotels and residential complexes may not have pool staff onsite on a regular basis to service the pool, so a maintenance contract would prove invaluable in these cases. Depending on location and popularity, pool usage tends to be lower in these sectors than gyms, so maintenance frequency would reflect this.

What does a good pool maintenance contract look like?

Flexibility is the key to a good maintenance contract. As we mentioned above, every business is different and has different needs. As a result, you may need support at different times, whether it’s on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. A good pool maintenance provider should have the scope to respond to what you need, when you need it and how often.

There’s also a preventative pool maintenance contract, which helps avoid any serious problems that could lead to pool closure. This is usually done annually for swimming pools or every six months for spas.

If you have the staff to take care of the more day-to-day jobs, then preventative pool maintenance helps make sure the potentially bigger issues are under control; such as making sure all is well with the balance tank and giving it a thorough clean, or filter media servicing to ensure the filtration system in your pool is operating at maximum efficiency and keeping your pool clean.

If your pool uses a filtering UV system, then this will also need servicing every year to ensure all is working smoothly. These jobs can be done quickly and effectively, without having a significant impact on pool availability.

At motive8, we are experts in pool maintenance and work with over 50 companies on a regular basis to ensure their pools are working at their best. All our engineers have obtained the National Pool Plant Operators qualification, as a minimum, and the majority of our team are ISPE qualified.

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