Posted on March 19, 2018 by Gordon Smith

There’s a common assumption that a gym is a place where only fit people get fitter, but that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s an environment for all levels of fitness, and a place to help with recovery from illness or injury. A gym is there to help you get in shape no matter what level of fitness and is also a valuable place to help get the body working properly again. A private gym can be an invaluable round the clock resource, helping you to get fitter in your own home at your own pace and in your own time. In this article, we look at how you can use a private gym to help with recovery from illness and post-surgery recuperation.

*Always get consent from your doctor before doing any exercise after surgery, injury or serious illness.*

Exercise, illness and recovery

These days, medical professionals believe that some form of exercise during recuperation can be highly beneficial. In fact, the charity, Cancer Research, found that several studies have shown the benefits of exercise for people recovering from certain forms of cancer.

They highlight that people in recovery can keep to the same level of activity as the rest of the general population, which is 30 minutes a day over 5 days a week. Interestingly, they also found exercise could be beneficial during treatment.

Not only that, but studies showed that fatigue and tiredness – a common cancer treatment side-effect – can also be more effectively managed. When a group of people were asked to do a series of moderate, home-based exercise, after 4 weeks they found they were doing more than the 10,000 steps recommended for healthy people.

For people recovering from surgery, exercise can also help with the healing process. Doctors encourage patients to move about as soon as possible after an operation to increase oxygenation and blood flow to help speed up recovery.

If you’re recovering from a fitness-related injury, then the sooner you start gentle exercise, the quicker your body can get back in shape.

It is clear that exercise is beneficial, but as with everything, only you know what your body is capable of at that time, and this is how a private gym can benefit recovery, as you can workout at your own pace, in your own time and surrounded by the right people.

Privacy during recovery

We’re all different, which is why some people like to do their recovery programme in a public gym, but for those people who would prefer a bit more privacy, then a home gym certainly ticks that box.

Getting better after any major surgery or cancer treatment can be extremely tiring. A private gym helps you to conserve that energy purely for exercise. Otherwise it could be used up in the process of travelling to a gym, getting changed or waiting to use equipment.

When going through the early stages of recovery, you may want to take regular breaks, or you may have a sudden dip in energy, which can happen. For those moments, a private gym can be a space where you can feel safe and confident should any problems arise.

Needless to say, it is extremely important to have somebody with you in a gym setting, especially during the early stages of recovery. Whether it’s a family member, a physiotherapist or a personal trainer, it’s best not to workout on your own.

The other benefit of a private gym is timing, as you can choose when to workout, for how long and also select the exercises you want to do. Gentle walking is a great start, so a treadmill is an ideal piece of equipment, whilst using weights can help build-up core and general strength.

Nick Sadler, Managing Director, m8group says:

“For some people, going through recovery can be a very emotional experience, and is where a private gym can help. It also means that you can create an exercise programme on your terms and to suit your schedule.

Yoga and Pilates are also great ways to start getting the body moving and improve flexibility, so it’s also worth getting mats and other Pilates equipment, such as bands, so you are fully prepared for all stages of the recovery process.

Friends and family to help recovery

The home gym can also become a social hub for friends and family to become an empowering space to help with recovery. If you have relied on a specific charity to help during illness or injury, then a family member may want to train to do a fundraising fitness event to give something back.

Not only will this keep you motivated during recovery, but it can also be a great unifier, giving friends and family a common purpose or goal to work towards.

Having set good practice during recovery, a private gym means you can continue that momentum even when you’re at your best again, as well as help set good habits for your family.

How to install a private gym

A private gym is not something in the realms of the super-rich. There are gyms for all sizes, shapes and budgets. With motive8, a home gym can be installed from as little as £1,000, so it’s not an impossible dream.

Sometimes recovery can be a slow process, but fitness can help improve your health and set positive examples for life for you and your family. We can help guide you through the selection and installation process, and we have some of the best professionals in the industry who understand recovery and how to safely get you back to prime fitness once more.

*Always get consent from your doctor before doing any exercise after surgery, injury or serious illness.*