Posted on July 18, 2019 by Gordon Smith

Looking after employee health and wellbeing is now a primary concern for many companies. A recent survey found that more than half (53%) of office workers believe their health is impaired by their workplace, with many not getting enough exercise or time away from their desks. 44% claimed they failed to get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day, including walking and 72% said their lack of activity was a health worry.

Reducing costs

It’s a known fact that people who exercise regularly are generally healthier than those who don’t. As a result of being healthier they are less susceptible to catching common illnesses and other long-term chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. A study by Aviva, found that 83% of companies who had added health and fitness benefits saw a decrease in sickness absence as a result.

Stress and depression related issues are unfortunately a common cause of absence from work, especially in high pressure business environments. Exercise raises your heart rate, increasing blood flow and releasing hormones into the body that improve mood and brain function.

Being able to offer access to a corporate gym brings a wealth of health benefits to employees which, in turn, benefit the company itself.

Inspiring company gyms around the world

At motive8 we continually look at gym design trends from around the world. We love seeing what other companies are doing to provide health and wellness facilities for their team. Here are some of the latest gyms we’ve noticed which we particularly admire.

Corporate gym


This corporate gym is part of the Woodbridge Corporate Plaza in New Jersey.

What we like:

It’s a wonderfully clean, minimalist gym, it promotes space over equipment and machines making it more inviting to employees.

Corporate gym


HESS Tower Fitness Club, Houston, Texas.

What we like:

This corporate gym covers almost 4,000 square feet and boasts over 400 members, offering group exercise and personal training.

The wood floors and wall to wall windows give it a bright, modern feel.

Corporate gym


Software company Citrix’s gym in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What we like:

This gym is all about letting the light flood in. It gym features an open-plan design with high ceilings and wall-to-wall windows creating a bright and airy workout space for their employees.

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