Boost employee wellbeing and productivity - without leaving your company out of pocket

It is widely accepted that people who take regular exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle are usually more motivated and energised. Subsequently, the provision of  health and fitness facilities in the workplace, be it an office, school, university or college, brings benefits for both employer and employee. motive8 specialise in creating bespoke facilities with their expert corporate gym & spa design consultancy expertise.

A quality corporate environment can also help to attract high calibre staff, with exercise in the workplace perceived to be a definitive motivational tool. By enabling employees to easily fit exercise time into their daily routine, not only do they gain immediate health benefits but it can also provide an outlet for stress relief.

It is estimated that more than 13 million work days a year are lost due to stress-related illnesses. As well as anxiety and depression, stress has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, skin conditions, sleep deprivation and gastrointestinal illnesses.

The introduction of frequent physical activity into our lifestyles is one of the best stress reduction techniques, therefore helping to keep employees feeling healthy, energised and productive.

Office gyms can be self-funding if the commercial model is well planned from the outset of the project. With just a small contribution from employees, a company can pay back any upfront investment over a relatively short period of time and make a profit, enabling more investment to go into extended employee wellbeing initiatives.

Alongside project consultancy, installation and maintenance, we can also draw on our wellbeing and fitness expertise to offer inductions, personalised fitness programmes and/or train members of staff at the facility.

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“We wanted to create a gym facility for our staff. We needed it to look the part, be fit for purpose and create a positive environment for staff to work out together. After a successful design and installation, we have retained the services of motive8 to deliver fitness testing, personal training and gym programmes for our staff.”

Richard Gregory, Programme Manager, CTG UTC Aerospace.

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