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Residential Gyms

With over ten years’ experience in the industry, motive8 is the market leader in gym and spa design, with unrivalled experience and expertise in the student and residential sectors. Clients include St James’ Homes, St George Plc, Berkeley Homes, Greystar and Barratt Homes, for whom we have installed more residential gym facilities than any other provider.

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Corporate Gyms

It is widely accepted that people who take regular exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle are usually more motivated and energised. Subsequently, the provision of health and fitness facilities in the workplace, be it an office, school, university or college, brings benefits for both employer and employee.

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Student Gyms

New-build student accommodation has seen a boom over the last 10 years. motive8 has extensive experience of working with student accommodation providers to deliver fitness suites that inspire and motivate the students living within to get fit and stay healthy.

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Hotel Gyms

Whether it’s business or leisure, travellers are increasingly keen to maintain their fitness regimes when they are away from home. motive8 can assist with all aspects of design, supply, maintenance and management of your hotel gym.

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Private Gyms

Despite the misconceptions that only the rich and famous are privileged enough to own a home gym, motive8 can offer a selection of different home gym packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

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Gym Equipment Sales

We offer a range of new and refurbished gym equipment suitable for both home and commercial use. Please contact the sales team on 020 8481 9700 or email for more information.

Our Gym & Spa Team

The motive8 Gym & Spa department comprises a team of specialist consultants, designers and project managers to ensure a consistently high standard of delivery across all projects. With ten fully-managed spa sites, we also have a growing team of gym and spa operatives overseen by on-site gym and spa supervisors all supported by a team of expert gym and spa managers.

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Gym & Spa Services

motive8 Gym & Spa is committed to working in partnership with our clients, to engage, communicate and act promptly. We aim to create a synergy that encourages improved efficiency & greater exploitation of opportunities with our clients.

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Gym & Spa Brochure

Download our brochure here

Wellbeing and Fitness

A wide range of fitness services are available including personal training, injury rehabilitation, swimming lessons, inductions and fitness classes. All provision is bespoke to each facility depending on the demand of its residents or members.

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motive8’s aftercare packages are designed to ensure every client experiences hassle free enjoyment from their facility post-installation. Our contracts are a cost-effective solution to facility aftercare, keeping your gym equipment in good working order and highly reducing the likelihood of expensive callouts.

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7 days ago

Welcome to M8:Life

Read all our latest news and lifestyle blogs covering nutrition, workouts, wellbeing, kids coaching, gym & spa design and more……

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The coaching department have some exciting news coming soon... Keep you eyes peeled! 🎄

2 hours ago
Gym Design

Generating Revenue from a Hotel Gym & Spa

In the past, hotel gymnasiums were small, poorly equipped and under used. Nowadays a gym and spa forms an integral part of the overall hotel experience. A recent survey by discovered that 44% of travellers would not sacrifice a gym for a cheaper hotel room whilst a TripAdvisor survey found that 52% of travellers […]

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company News

Company News: motive8 becomes ARMA partner

Last month motive8 became a partner of the Association of Residential Managing Agents, or ARMA, an association that provides advice and guidance to its members on all things to do with residential management, from legal to accounts. Work that ARMA does includes: Set high standards in residential block management Requires its members to meet those […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Training | wellbeing | workouts

The Importance of Core Training

Core exercises should be an essential part of your daily workout routine. Neglecting basic core strength training can lead to poor posture and make everyday tasks in life that little bit harder. A couple of examples of this could be carrying a shopping bag or perhaps your child or grandchild; without basic core strength these […]

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company News | CSR | Gym Design

motive8 Sponsors Best Scheme in Planning at the National Housing Awards

Thursday 7th September saw the return of the annual National Housing Awards at the Lancaster London hotel. With 11 award categories and one overall winner, the awards recognise the success of housebuilders and developers operating in the affordable housing sector. This year motive8 sponsored the Best Scheme in Planning award. As part of our sponsorhip, […]

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Gym & Spa News | Gym Design | Home Gyms | Training | workouts

Mat Work in the Home Gym

In any gym, whether it’s at work, your local kickboxing haunt or your home gym, it is essential to have a decent amount of floor space. A square area that is at least as long as you, when lying on the ground with your arms above your head, is ideal. Home gym mat work, with […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Training | wellbeing | workouts

Change It Up – Outdoor Gym Circuit

Summer is about to end, which means that whilst we still have beautiful, warmer mornings and fairly nice evenings to go outside and exercise, such as parks and fields, we should look to advantage of what the great outdoor space has to offer. We have 2 simple options – either we take our own fitness […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Training | workouts

Resistance Bands- What, Why and How

In this blog we’re going to cover the benefits and uses of resistance bands. Hopefully by the end you will be ready and willing to give it a go as part of your workout routine. What are resistance bands? Resistance bands, or physio bands, are either flat or tubular and can come with or without […]

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Gym Design | Home Gyms

How a Private Gym Can Prepare You for the UK’s Quirkier Sports

Whether it’s the Tough Mudder Challenge or bog snorkelling, us Brits love a quirky challenge. Believe it or not, training is still essential, so why not do it from the comfort of a home gym? motive8, one of the UK’s leading home gym supply companies, has compiled this comprehensive list of tips to help you […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Training | workouts

Top 5 Unusual Sports

In this week’s blog I have been tasked with finding some new and captivating sports that are not commonly known by the general public. After some sniffing around, I made a list of the top 5 most uncommon and enthralling sports I’ve come across which I’m pretty certain you have not tried yet: 1. Underwater […]

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Exercises | Gym Design | Home Gyms

Top Ways to Prepare a Post-Natal Home Gym

Following the birth of your baby, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. However, evidence from The UK Chief Medical Officers Guidelines 2011 shows that physical activity can have “positive benefits to health, improve sleep, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and improve quality of life”. All these things can help you cope with […]

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company News | CSR

motive8’s CSR Programme Gets Underway

Since starting our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme we have made some great progress but we still have so much to do. We will need your help to achieve our goals, particularly the environmental and community work that is detailed on Rolstone’s CSR update. Here is a quick update on what we have achieved along […]

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company News | Exercises | workouts

Our Favourite Ways to stay Active

We’ve been talking in the motive8 office discussing our favourite ways to keep active. Turns out there’s so many different ways! Here’s a selection of our favourite pasttimes to get you inspired… My Favourite way to stay active is… ‘…to go for a chilled bike ride, around a picturesque park or lake.’ Chantel ‘…to hit […]

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Corporate Wellbeing | Exercises | Training | wellbeing

Motive8’s corporate wellbeing programme at Prodrive Ltd

As part of our fitness service offering we offer a corporate wellness service which we run in-house to corporate clientele. One of our contracts is with Prodrive, who specialise in motorsport and innovative engineering for the motoring industry. Within a typical corporate environment staff turn up to work, perform the tasks for their role and […]

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company News | CSR

Data Information and Insight: Understanding your Impact 13th July Event

As a continuing part of the development of motive8’s CSR program, our Gym & Spa manager, Rolstone Langmead, attended the Heart of the City’s workshop on data collation and reporting. As much as this sounds like a long and tedious task, the event highlighted how simple it can be to work out your company’s carbon footprint […]

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Equipment | Exercises | Gym Design | Home Gyms

Perfect Private Gym Design for Busy Professionals

Finding time to fit in a productive gym session when you’re a busy professional can seem nigh on impossible, particularly if you have to contend with an arduous commute. Private gym design can offer the solution. Whether you’re building a bespoke room in your garden or repurposing a room in your house, having a home […]

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