Posted on December 16, 2019 by Gordon Smith

What a year it’s been! Despite all that’s been going on politically, we’ve had a great year.

So much has happened, both from a company, employee and client perspective, that we thought we’d take a look back at the year gone by and give you a taste of our plans and focus for 2020.

Here’s what we’ve been up to …

Growth in the BTR sector (Build to Rent)

We have been really busy in the Build to Rent (BTR) sector this year. Having worked on a total of 33 developments, this industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2020.

Milestone projects this year have included The Forge in the East End of London. This was a great example of our ability to provide a complete, end-to-end service. Not only did we install the gym, but we are now responsible for the resident induction programme and ongoing maintenance of the gym.

But we’re not just focussed on London-based projects by any means. We’re also very busy in cities outside the south, including York, Manchester and Birmingham. These areas are putting a lot of investment into BTR developments and it’s a really active market.

We’re seeing gyms getting bigger, not smaller or more compact. At the moment, we’re working on a residential development where the gym space is in its own separate building. And within that area, not only are we providing a gym, we’re also providing community and social spaces as well as areas for table tennis and pool tables. These sports are making a comeback!

Residental Gym Design of The Forge, London

Charity focus

As you many know, we take our social responsibility very seriously.  As a fitness company our staff live the lifestyle outside work and have done some amazing sporting feats for their chosen charities.

This year, we walked a marathon for The Brain Tumour Charity, and played Tag Rugby for homeless charity, SPEAR in 37 degree heat.

‘We played Rugby in a heatwave, walked a marathon, cycled from London to Paris and one of our team members even ran the length of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.’

2019 trends

At motive8, we watch fitness trends very closely. We don’t want to confuse fads or short-term trends with long-term growth strategies. Fads aren’t a great way to invest money and won’t give you the best ROI.

We do a lot of industry analysis. One way we research is by going to America every year to monitor what’s happening over there. We also visit trade shows, which gives us a great feel for what’s taking off in the fitness industry (and what’s on its way out).

Earlier this year we attended FIBO, the leading trade show for all things fitness, where we checked out all of the latest equipment and fitness trends coming to the market. Equipment such as the Box Master, multi-directional boxing training tower, really caught our eye, as did the XClimb Pro, a conveyor belt-mounted climbing wall, amongst many others!

Functional fitness continues to grow from strength to strength, so we think this is still a strong focus area for gyms. As always, the ‘classics’, such as Yoga and Pilates, aren’t going anywhere soon. Spinning also remains popular and, of course, the more ‘traditional’ cardio equipment still remains popular.

Wellbeing is becoming increasingly part of daily life. So we have also been working with residential developers and trade bodies to highlight its importance and how to incorporate wellbeing within a new build. This is implemented not only by gyms, but also swimming pools and other activities that help residents switch-off and unwind.

In fact, as part of this and outside of corporate or residential gyms, we’re seeing a very distinct move towards a fusion of lifestyle and leisure to be more integrated into daily living.

Fitness and leisure 2020 focus

As part of this increasing focus towards leisure and fitness, not only are we still installing gyms in residential, corporate and hotel sectors, but we’re also working in more retail-focused environments on city centre developments. As part of these projects, we’re creating drop-in gyms with cafes, social spaces and group leisure activities such as pool or bowling.

With alcohol consumption rates dropping year on year, more and more people are looking for more fun or interactive activities when they go out.

These social fitness spaces could well be a lifeline to saving the high street, so we’re really excited to be part of this fitness evolution and we are very much looking forward to all the opportunities 2020 will bring us.

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